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Why to Buy in Des Moines

Aug 12, 2019 | Industry News

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When most people think of Iowa, they don’t think of it having a bustling city. However, Des Moines should be a contender when deciding on a place to buy. From elegant colonial homes to Tudor-style houses to trendy downtown lofts, this up-and-coming city has something for every homebuyer. Des Moines has plenty to offer.



The Des Moines downtown district of twenty years ago was simple and basically only had the courthouse, municipal buildings, and a restaurant or two to choose from. Those days are long gone as this downtown has come alive. The restaurant scene is flourishing and the foodie culture is apparent with the plethora of up-and-coming chefs in town. Multiple cultural events and festivals are quite popular and draw all ages to the downtown area. You won’t be disappointed with the amount of local boutiques, coffee shops, hip bars, and trendy spots to get a meal.


One-of-a-Kind Farmers’ Market

Known for its agriculture, it’s no surprise that Des Moines would be host to an incredible farmers’ market. Every Saturday from May through October, over 300 vendors gather to serve over 20,000 shoppers. Some of the items offered aside from the organic fresh produce include baked goods, cheese, fresh flowers, health and beauty items, fresh eggs, prepared food and drinks, retail items, and wine. There are also two winter markets, one just before Thanksgiving and one just before Christmas. 


Outdoor Activities

If you’re looking for some outdoor time near the downtown area, Gray’s Lake is the perfect place for a scenic walk, picnic, or boat ride. To the northwest you’ll find the Saylorville Lake Reservoir which offers hiking, camping, and fishing. This 26,000 acre space has woodlands, wetlands, and prairie habitats so you’ll be able to view some wildlife.


If you’re a cycling enthusiast, you may want to check out Ragbrai, which is a yearly cycling ride across Iowa. Ragbrai is the oldest, largest, and longest recreational bicycle touring event in the world, and it lasts for seven days and covers over 500 miles of the Iowa countryside. The people of Iowa truly make Ragbrai the special event it is by opening up their towns and communities to participants and offering them lodging and meals. This is a truly unique way to see the state.


Job Opportunities

The job market is bustling in Des Moines, from the traditional finance and agricultural opportunities to the tech industry. With the affordable cost of living, start-up companies and small businesses are flourishing, which is soon to make Des Moines a hot spot for tech hiring.



Lastly, the residents of Des Moines are truly kind and genuine people. If you’re looking to live in a place where people actually know their neighbors and will still lend a cup of sugar, then you’ve found it. It’s not uncommon for the person next to you in a coffee shop to strike up a conversation. Des Moines has big city amenities with a small town feel and a firm belief in the benefits of community.

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