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Why Des Moines is a Magnet for Millennials

Apr 15, 2019 | Industry News

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Des Moines has been growing in popularity, especially with a specific demographic — millennials. Many of these early-twenties to late-thirties individuals are focused on finances and job opportunities, but they’re not willing to sacrifice the lifestyles they want to just to land a good paycheck. With so many millennials reaching the prime age for buying their first home, it’s a fascinating time in the market to see where this takes them. As more data comes it, we’re seeing that Des Moines is a hotspot for this generation of homebuyers looking to find the right balance.

Good-Paying Jobs

Many millennials are financially-savvy individuals who understand the importance of earning enough to support themselves. From making student-loan payments to affording a night out with friends, they’re searching for the jobs that will allow them to live, and afford, the lives they want. When it comes to job opportunities, Des Moines delivers. With companies like Wells Fargo, Nationwide, and Principal Financial looking for new talent, millennials are finding that opportunities abound.

Made for Millennials

Over the last decade or so, the city has made a concerted effort to attract millennials, and those efforts are paying off. From public officials and corporations to investors and entrepreneurs, Des Moines underwent a revival with millennials in mind, and it shows. You can feel it in the energy of the city. The food, art, music, and cultural offerings are outstanding and certainly cater to the interests of this younger demographic. Though it may not have built its foodie reputation just yet, the food scene is thriving here. Residents have countless choices for creative, delicious food in trendy restaurants and bars. There’s also plenty of live music, festivals, and markets that make the city feel vibrant.



This is true of both the cost of living and the housing market. Millennials have been through some challenging economic times and many are still carrying significant debt. Des Moines offers the benefits of a larger city without the price tag. Millennial homebuyers are flocking here because they’re finding homes they can afford in a city they’re excited to live in.


Many members of this demographic value community. They want to connect with their neighbors, have pride in their city, and feel like they’re a part of something. Unlike some large urban cities, Des Moines is able to retain that small-town feel without sacrificing city conveniences. People who buy homes here aren’t just in it for the affordable price tag, they’re eager to become a part of this flourishing city.


While some of the country may not yet see this Heartland city as a bustling center of art, culture, and opportunity, many millennials have caught on. Des Moines is striking the balance between job opportunities and affordable living and a city lifestyle with endless entertainment. As word of this revitalized city continues to spread, it’s expected that the influx of millennials will continue.

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