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What To Do Before You List Your Chicago Home

Nov 26, 2023 | Industry News

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Buying and selling a home can be an overwhelming process — and it can be particularly so if you’re doing both at the same time. Ideally, you’d list your current home, a flood of offers would come in, and you could buy your new dream home with the funds from your sale. Unfortunately, given the unpredictability of the real-estate market, there’s no guaranteeing that it goes as seamlessly as you’d hoped. You can improve your chances of a faster sale, though, by making sure your listing stands out from the competition. Here’s a list of what you should get done to get your home ready to sell:



You want prospective buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your home when they tour it either virtually or in person. Clutter can hinder their ability to picture their new lives there. Try to present them with as blank a canvas as possible — keep your countertops clear, organize your closets and cabinets and make sure they’re not overstuffed, and put away children’s toys. Now prospective buyers can see a home (with plenty of space) and will have an easier time picturing themselves living there.


Clean It

One of the biggest turn-offs for potential buyers is a dirty house. You need to commit to a thorough deep clean. If you think something might need to be cleaned — clean it. Clean the oven, inside the cabinets, the stovetop, the baseboards, light switches, under the beds, the shower grouting, the windows, screens, really every facet of the house that can be explored by a potential buyer. If someone viewing the house encounters a perfectly clean space, they know the home has been well cared for, which gives them confidence and gets them one step closer to extending an offer. 


Address Minor Repairs

It’s not always an option to address major home improvements on a for-sale house, but you should absolutely address all of the smaller repair projects. Repair or replace any rotten wood, change all of the lightbulbs, trim the hedges, remove any debris from the yard. It may not seem like much, but all of these small projects add up to make a noticeable difference. Put yourself in the position of a potential buyer — focus on any blemishes they might notice and get them corrected. 


Fresh Coat of Paint

A new coat of paint will immediately freshen up your home. Stay away from colors that are too bold and go with something more neutral, which will increase the appeal for buyers. In fact, you should also replace any murals or wallpaper with a fresh, neutral coat of paint. It’s important to remember that you’re not decorating for you any longer, but rather, you’re trying to make the house as appealing as possible to the largest number of potential buyers. You’ll have free reign to be creative in your new home.


Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal will make the first (and maybe the strongest) impression on prospective buyers. If they like what they see on the outside, they’re going to be excited to see the inside. Spend some time on the yard; do some landscaping, plant some flowers, trim the grass and hedges. Then keep going with the rest of the exterior; add a new welcome mat, some potted plants, and new house numbers to the porch. Clean the siding and walkways, using a pressure washer if you need to.



Expensive remodeling projects aren’t necessary if you want to make your home look inviting to potential buyers. These small projects will make a big impact, and they’ll leave your home in perfect shape to impress anyone who’s considering buying it.


If you need a recommendation for an experienced, local Realtor or a handyman, or if you’d like to get preapproved for a mortgage, please reach out to us. We’re always happy to help.

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