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Want to Declutter Your Chicago Home?

Jun 10, 2022 | Industry News

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It’s almost impossible to control clutter. With every purchase, every holiday, we’re bringing more and more stuff into our homes. And if you have kids? Forget about it. Having a pristine home all the time is a far-fetched idea for most of us, but we can get closer to that ideal with a little effort. Plus, a living space free from clutter makes winding down and relaxing much easier. Here are some ideas to get control over the clutter, and get your Chicago home in better shape:


Give Everything a Home

To begin, think about your daily routine, along with the routines of everyone else in the house. On an average day, which things are being used?  Where are you spending the most time? What happens when you walk through the door each day? Where do your shoes and coat go? Where do the keys go? You get the idea. When you track your movements, it’s easier to think about finding a home for everything. When you designate a place for all of the things that are part of your routine, you’ll eliminate those items from the day-today clutter.


Get the Whole Family on Board

Some members of your household may be contributing to clutter more than others. If you’re going to get a handle on the clutter, everyone will have to make a concerted effort. not just one person. It’s particularly important to get your kids on board so they can contribute and build these habits for themselves. Help them give designate a home for their belongings. You can also dedicate some time (before dinner for instance) for everyone to perform a quick clean-up and neaten up their space.


Let Go of What You Don’t Need

Decluttering doesn’t mean just removing it from view. We’ve all been guilty of cramming a stack of mail or papers into a drawer, but that’s still technically clutter — we just can’t see it all the time. If you sometimes find yourself hanging on to things you don’t use, take some time to consider if that’s contributing to clutter. And if so, which adjustments can you make to reduce those possessions that aren’t being used and don’t have sentimental value. By freeing up space and intentionally sorting our belongings, as opposed to hiding them away, we create a much better foundation for staying organized.


Have a Routine

As I mentioned above, clutter builds up. At first, it’s just a little paperwork on your desk and a few toys that weren’t put away. Then before you know it, it feels like you have to dedicate a portion of your Saturday to get things back into shape. A routine can help prevent things from getting that far out of hand. We covered a quick routine for kids before dinner. But really, everyone should have a clean-up routine to address their own clutter. This is the best way to stay on top of it day-today.


With new things coming into the home on a daily basis, clutter is going to happen. These ideas can help reduce that considerably.

If you want to talk more about any of these tips, or if there’s something else we can be of assistance with, please reach out to us. We’re always happy to help.

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