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Upgrading Your Office Space in Your Des Moines Home

Sep 8, 2020 | Industry News

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Maybe you’ve been spending a lot more time working from home this year, or perhaps it’s simply a convenient space for you to tackle those occasional off-hours tasks. Whatever the case, an office space is a valuable part of the home for many Des Moines homeowners. It doesn’t matter if you have a completely separate room or a corner of the living room, it’s how you set this space up that really matters. So, what are some things Des Moines homeowners can do to improve their current set up? Let’s look at a few ideas:

Define Your Space

Unless you have a room dedicated solely as an office, chances are there’s some dual functioning in the space around your home work area. Maybe you have a set up in a guest bedroom, or maybe you’ve stationed yourself at a desk in the living room. Wherever you’ve created your office space, defining it for yourself and other members of your family can help make it a more productive area. Something as simple as a rug can help add some separation to an office space, even if it’s simply a part of another room.

Consider Ergonomics

It’s so easy to settle for poor posture, both in our actual offices and our home offices, and this can take a real toll on the body. Take advantage of your ability to customize your at-home setup. Maybe you invest in a quality chair for yourself or an additional monitor to prevent the laptop slouch. If you have the space for it, leaving a bit of room by your desk where you can get up and stretch is another great option.

Add Some Personality

You want your office to be appealing so that you actually use it. Making sure that it reflects a bit of your personality can help. Maybe you add some artwork, upgrade the paint color, or get a small plant for your desk. Creating an office space that feels inspiring and creative can make it a much more productive area.

Lighting Matters

Speaking of productivity, lighting can also have a major impact on our energy and focus levels. Generally, dim lighting isn’t very conducive to productivity. Whether you adjust the lighting in the whole room, add a floor lamp nearby, or grab a lamp for your desk, ensuring that your space makes you feel alert and energized is an important element of a great home office.


Do you have a workspace in your Des Moines home? What features do you love? Where would you like to improve? If you had one suggestion for someone setting up an office space at home, what would it be? Please share your thoughts!


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