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Updating Your St. Louis Bathroom

Jul 19, 2019 | Industry News

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You might be getting your home ready to sell or simply making some changes for yourself. Whatever the reason, the bathroom is a great place to start. This room can often add value to a house that’s going on the market, and a few small changes can transform the space. For a room you use every day, it’s worth making it one you like. Here are some of the best tips for giving your bathroom a makeover:

Hardware and Fixtures

Think about the knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers as well as the shower and sink hardware. These all play a role in the overall aesthetics of the bathroom, and most of the time, they’re easy to upgrade. If you’re upgrading with selling in mind, go for simple, classic fixtures to appeal to a wider variety of buyers. If you’re looking to give the room a bit more personality, finding unique knobs and pulls can add a quick splash of color for more interest.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting in the bathroom is also important. Especially if you want to create a space where you can relax, having some soft lighting or even a dimmer is a great option. Choosing the right bulbs is key here. In addition to soft lighting that can contribute to an oasis feel, it’s also useful to have some brighter light options as well.

Walls and Trim

If you’re looking to create a personal retreat, you’ll want to choose a relaxing hue that will keep the space feeling tranquil. Ensure that you choose a quality paint that will stand up to the moisture from a steamy shower. Even if you don’t plan on replacing the trim, a simple coat of paint can freshen everything up.


Towels are a great way to bring a bit more style into the space. Whether you’re setting the bathroom up for an open house or just getting it ready for your family, finding a few hand towels that go with the overall aesthetics of the room is a nice way to unite the feel of the space.

Mirror and Artwork

A mirror usually tends to be a central feature in a bathroom. Consider different options to determine which works best in the room. Is it a small bathroom with a single sink or a larger bathroom with a double sink? What size mirror can you accommodate? A bold frame can be a nice way to bring in added decoration. Finding a couple pieces of artwork that go with your vision for the space can also give your bathroom a boost.

Revive Your Vanity

Especially if you’re operating on a budget, it’s important to remember there’s so much you can do without dropping a bunch of money on new items. If a new vanity isn’t on your list, consider a fresh coat of paint and new knobs for the one that you have. Even changing up the things you have on your vanity, like bringing in a new place for soap and toothbrushes or adding a candle or flowers, can contribute to the oasis environment.


Whether you’re fixing up the space to sell or to enjoy as your own, you can make a large impact in a bathroom with just a little bit of effort. Do a bit of research ahead of time so that you have some visual inspiration to guide your project. Any other tips for upgrading your bathroom space? Share them with us.

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