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Updating Your Chicago Patio

Apr 22, 2022 | Industry News

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We’re excited for some warmer weather, and it will be a pleasure to begin spending more time outdoors. If you feel like your backyard patio could use some sprucing up, we’re here to help. If you’d like to boost your patio’s style, comfort, or functionality, then here are some ideas to make your outdoor space a dynamic extension of your home:


Do You Have a Foundation?

If you have an existing patio, then you may want to skip this section. If you don’t, you have many options to choose from in relation to design. Determine the size you’ll need to accommodate your friends and family and then use some safe paint to map it out. Once you’ve deduced the square footage of your new patio, you can begin getting prices. Some of the best materials for patio foundations are concrete, flagstone, traditional brick, or tile. You’re going to want to remove all the grass and weeds and make the space as level as possible prior to installation. 


Bring the Inside Outside

Your patio is essentially an extension of your home and should flow with the same design and aesthetics as your interior. You want to choose furniture that is sturdy but also comfortable. If you plan to use the patio area as a dining space, consider a large farm table with comfortable chairs. If you want to use the space as an outdoor living area, choose a comfortable, weather-durable couch with cushions, and add a coffee table as well as some end tables. Once you have your key pieces in place, accessorize with items that represent your style and personality.


Add Some Shade

Having a beautiful patio is great, but if it’s in full sunlight, you may find yourself not using it as often as you’d like. Adding some shade will allow you to use the space whenever you feel like it. There are a few options for creating a shady oasis like umbrellas, a shade sail, pergolas, or lattice. It’s all dependent on the amount of work you want to do and the amount of money you want to spend. Shade sails can be made easily with a triangular-cut piece of weather resistant material with eyelets on each corner. Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes and can be free standing. Lastly, curtains can be draped over and the type of material ranges from wood to copper piping.  Whatever you choose, be sure the materials are weather resistant or weather treated.


Add Some Greenery

Nothing brightens up a patio more than an assortment of plants and flowers planted in pots of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Add some color and height to your outdoor space with potted trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. When deciding on what you should plant, take into consideration the amount of sunlight or shade you have in the space. A plant that needs shade will not thrive in a sunny area and vice versa. Some good plants for full sun are basil, rosemary, cherry tomatoes, roses, mums, lavender, and lilies. Those that do well in pots and prefer shade are hydrangeas (partial sun to shade), impatiens, ferns, fuchsia, begonias, and clematis.


More Amenities

Why not add some amenities to your patio so you can enjoy it both during the day and into the evening? String lights add a warm ambience to your patio once the sun goes down, as do candles. You may want to build a bar near the BBQ to encourage conversations with the cook. Add a fire pit for roasting marshmallows or add an outdoor television so you can have sports or movie nights on the patio. 



A patio upgrade can benefit your day-to-day life, sure, but it can also increase your home’s resale value.

If you’d like a recommendation for a qualified local contractor, or if there’s something else we can be of assistance with, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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