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Turning Your New Chicago House into Your Home

Jul 19, 2019 | Industry News

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So, you’ve purchased a house in Chicago, and you’re ready to move in. Many home buyers eagerly await their move-in day but find themselves with some mixed emotions when it actually arrives. Though there’s so much excitement about being in a new space, there can also be some anxiety about it not feeling like home. This is a normal feeling for many homebuyers, and it often resolves fairly quickly on its own. For homebuyers who’d like to speed up the process, there are many things you can do to transform your new house into your home.

Clean Slate

Especially if you’re buying a home that has had previous owners, a thorough cleaning can give you the feeling of a clean slate. Even if the house doesn’t feel dirty, giving the floors and counters a good scrub, cleaning inside cabinets and closets, and dusting are all ways homeowners can start fresh in their new place.

Unpack Strategically

Unpacking can feel overwhelming, but if you arrive with a plan, you’ll be prepared to tackle it. One strategy is to choose one room as a priority. Maybe it’s your bedroom where you can relax or the living room where the whole family can connect. By selecting one room to set up fully, you ensure that you have a place to anchor as you go about the rest of your unpacking. Another great tip is to bring a box with your favorite items. Perhaps it’s a go-to mug, a sentimental photo, or a comfortable blanket. By having these things easily accessible, you’ll ensure some comfort no matter which stage of unpacking you’re in.

Sensory Elements

Though we don’t always think about it, scent can have a significant influence on our comfort. If you’re in a new home that smells like someone else or like cleaning products, it might be off putting. Start with cleaning and airing it out with open windows if possible, then bring in your favorite aromas with a candle, essential-oil diffuser, or incense. In addition to scent, including things that feel soft, like comfortable blankets and pillows, can also add to the homey vibe. Creating a playlist or turning on a favorite album while you unpack and settle in is also a nice way to bring in your personal touch.



Visual elements are key as well. The blank walls of a new house can feel cold and uninviting, so be sure to get some artwork up. Even if you put a few simple pieces up temporarily while you decide on a more permanent arrangement, making your artwork a part of the space is important. If you have photos you like to display, putting these out absolutely will add some warmth.


Plants and flowers can make a home feel more alive. A few houseplants or vase of cut flowers can be just what you need to add that element of life.

Little Details

Sellers often depersonalize to create a blank canvas for potential buyers. Now that you own the space, it’s time to put your spin on things. Everything from doorknobs to drawer pulls to wall color and carpets, there are countless opportunities to get creative. Even if your aesthetic is more classic and simple, incorporating that in your own way can make a house much homier.


For new homeowners, transforming their new house into their own home is a must. This certainly takes time, but with a bit of intentional effort, homeowners can accelerate the process. Do you have any suggestions to make a new house feel more like home? Share them with us.

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