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Top Tips for a Cozy St. Louis Home This Fall

Oct 5, 2020 | Industry News

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With fall approaching, St. Louis homeowners may be ready to turn up the cozy vibe. Especially with many of us planning to spend a bit more time at home this fall, it’s nice to make your home even more inviting and comfortable than you normally would. While for some, fall decor is about orange pumpkins and Halloween decorations, these things won’t necessarily make your house feel homier. So, what can homeowners do to make their home feel like the perfect space to relax this fall? Let’s look at a few tips:

Accent With Warm Colors

Whether it’s artwork, pillows, blankets, or other pieces of decor, bringing in some warm colors can instantly change the feeling of a room. Burnt oranges, maroons, browns, and navy are all great options for making a space feel cozy. These things don’t need to scream ‘fall’ to have the desired effect. Choose pieces that you actually like in a color pallet that reflects the time of year.

Add a Rug

A rug can really pull a room together. It helps to anchor the space and make it feel a bit more inviting. Maybe it’s a small rug under the coffee table in your living room, or perhaps a rug by your bed for your first steps on a chillier morning. Go with a thicker rug or one with a bit more texture to add to the warmth.

Bring Out the Blankets

Blankets are great because they can be both functional and stylish. They’re a perfect way to bring in those fall colors we mentioned, and they also give you the opportunity to add texture. Chunky knits are an ideal choice for fall. A blanket draped over the back of your couch or the side of a chair can make the space more inviting for you and your family.

Grab Some Candles

Lighting plays a key role in creating that feeling of comfort in your home. With days starting to get a bit shorter, we can get creative with how we light our homes at night. Simply keeping the overhead lights on can often be a bit harsh. Going with some lamps is a great place to start, and adding some candles can really take it to the next level. The soft, natural glow they cast can make any room in your home feel a bit more charming.

Get Baking

We often think about ways to decorate or style our homes, but that’s not the only way to get it feeling ready for fall. Smell is a powerful sense, and baking up some delicious fall treats can carry that fall smell throughout your home. Spices like cinnamon are a great choice. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy eating these treats in the comfort of your updated space. If baking isn’t your thing, some scented candles can give a similar effect without the work.


What are your plans for your home this fall? Do you change up your decorating? What’s your favorite thing about your home in the fall? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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