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Top Tips for a Cozy Des Moines Home this Fall

Oct 6, 2019 | Industry News

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Embrace the arrival of autumn by preparing your home for holiday gatherings or quiet nights by the fire. Here are a few tips to make your Des Moines home more cozy this fall.


Bring the outside in

Adding pops of fall color around your home is sure to make it feel inviting, and what better way to do that than to bring the outside in? Display some berries or crabapples in a vase, or add gourds and pumpkins to your table decor. Pinecones make for a great decoration – add some cinnamon oil to them to make your home smell just like autumn. Bring in some fall flowers, such as mums, along with pumpkins to adorn your fireplace, or create a wreath with fresh rosemary and hang it from the mantle. If you’re not a fan of the traditional fall colors, add some natural textures such as wheat, burlap, or woven accents to your decor. 



Nothing says cozy and warm like the glow of candlelight. Adding candles to your dining table, end tables, coffee tables, or mantelpiece is a quick way to add an autumn ambiance to your home. If you want a scented fall candle, choose something that isn’t too overpowering such as pumpkin or vanilla so that your home doesn’t have something too overpowering.


Change and add fabrics

Swap out those summer fabrics for something a bit cozier. Changing out throw pillows and area rugs with more muted tones is a quick way to transform your room into a more relaxing space.  Drape some throw blankets on the end of your sofa or change out the bedspread in the guest room. Plaid fabrics give an automatic sense of autumn to your dining table when coupled with gourds and candles. Get creative by layering different plaid patterns together for a feeling of warmth. These simple additions will transform your room in minutes. 


Add antique elements

Adding some antique and vintage elements to your room makes it unique and homey. Instead of displaying your fall florals in a vase, use an old vintage tin or milk bottle to create an effortless centerpiece. Quilts carry a lot of history and can be beautiful when displayed as a wall hanging or draped over furniture. Repurpose an old cake plate to hold candles or gourds, hang vintage rakes on the front porch and surround them with pumpkins or transform your antique dresser into a hospitality bar in your dining area. An inexpensive purchase at the flea market can be quite an addition to your home if you use it in a creative and interesting way.



Autumn decor is all about experimenting with textures, colors, patterns, as well as natural elements. Have fun with it and enjoy your cozy home once it’s complete. What are your favorite fall decor ideas?  

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