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Top Tips for Your End-of-Summer Staycation in St. Louis

Aug 24, 2020 | Industry News

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As summer starts to wind down, many of us may feel in need of a vacation. It’s been a non-traditional summer for most, to say the very least, and taking some time to relax and recharge, if possible, is a great way to make the most of the last weeks of the season. With many St. Louis homeowners planning to turn their vacations into staycations, here are some strategies to help you get the most out of it:

Make Some Plans

Often, people will take a week off of work for their staycation, feeling relieved to have no plans and no schedule. And while lightening the structure of your days is great, no plans at all can make your staycation feel a bit lackluster. Especially if you’re enjoying your staycation with the whole family, planning just a few things in advance can give it more of a vacation feel. Maybe it’s a family game or movie night, a special meal, or some time totally to yourself. Whatever the case, striking the balance between freedom and structure is key.

Leave Space for Flexibility

To continue with that thought, going too far in the opposite direction can be just as detrimental to your St. Louis staycation. Over planning can make your time feel rushed and exhausting, the exact opposite of what you probably need. Including a few plans to anchor the day is great, and leaving plenty of space for flexibility will create that relaxed vacation dynamic.


If you’re planning a staycation for the whole family, it’s a smart idea to chat about it ahead of time. What is everyone’s idea of the perfect staycation? What are some activities each person would like to include? Talking to everyone in your family, even young children, can set the tone for a happier staycation for all.

Enjoy Your Space

Finally, the real key to a great staycation is enjoying your space to the fullest. How can you transform your house into a space for relaxation and fun? Getting some chores and maintenance done ahead of time can help you from feeling the constant nag of things to do, and including a project or two around the house can make you feel productive and purposeful. Find the balance that works for you.

Will you be taking a staycation anytime soon? How do you plan to maximize your St. Louis space? Do you have any specific activities planned? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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