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Top Tips for St. Louis Buyers to Have a Successful Move

Jul 12, 2021 | Industry News

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You might think about your move as something to knock out in the few days before moving into a new home, and maybe you’ve had success with that strategy in the past. Moving day is always the significant event, but it’s not everything. Placing all of your focus on ‘the day’ can result in a heap of unnecessary challenges and stress. The moving process can actually begin months before the actual move, and if you do it that way, the process can be quite painless. Here are a few things to consider if you want to execute a successful move:


Start Preparation Early

It’s wise to start the moving process the moment you know you’ll be moving. This doesn’t mean starting to pack when you’re months-out, but if you begin thinking about the move right away, you’ll have a much easier time in terms of organization and efficiency. Adopting an in-the-process-of-moving mindset will ensure you’re dedicating enough time and thought to making the move without a hitch.


Formulate a Plan

Develop a strategy. How can you spread out the work in the time you have left before the move? Does your current house need any repairs prior to selling? Which of the rooms that you use least can be packed up first? Having some deadlines in place will make sure you hit your goals.


Do a Little Each Day

One of the best ways to reduce moving-stress is to try and accomplish something—however small—every day. Don’t save everything for the weekends and tie up all your rest and family time. You’ll find that accomplishing a little bit of your goal day-after-day will remove the need for hours-long sorting and packing sessions.


Keep Your Moving-Mindset

Applying the same methodology to settling-in to the new place will also be hugely beneficial. It takes time to adjust to a new home. Doing what you can when you can, will make the transition much easier and help you start the next chapter of your life as serenely as possible.



There’s always some stress involved with a move, but employing these ideas can really help to reduce that stress. If you need any recommendations for local moving companies, Realtors, or if you’d like to get pre-qualified for a loan, I’d be happy to help.

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