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Top Tips for New Chicago Homeowners

Jun 15, 2021 | Industry News

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If you’ve just bought your first home in Chicago, first, congratulations! Being a first-time homebuyer is so exciting, and there are so many things to learn in your first few years as a homeowner. Today, we wanted to share a few things first-time homeowners might want to add to their list for their first few months in their new home. Let’s dive in:


Meet Your Neighbors

If your new home is in a new neighborhood, meeting your neighbors can be a great first step. You might still be getting settled, but taking the time to say a quick hello to the other residents on your street can help start to make your new neighborhood feel more like home. Moving can feel like a lot of change, and starting to make these connections early on can help ease the transition. It’s also much easier to introduce yourself in the first few weeks as a new homeowner, but it might feel less comfortable if you’ve lived there for a year and still don’t know your neighbors’ names.


Be Patient

Being a homeowner is exciting. You finally own your own place and have the freedom to design and renovate exactly how you want. While the potential is there, that doesn’t mean you need to get started right away. Though it can be tempting to start renovating, it’s often wise to give yourself a bit of time living in the space before making major changes. Renovations can be costly, and you want to ensure any big changes you make will really suit your needs.


Connect with a Handyman

When it comes to smaller repairs or updates, those present you with a great opportunity to connect with a handyman. Even if some of the things you think you could manage yourself, starting to build a relationship with a professional can definitely come in handy. If you have an emergency down the line, you’re likely to get assistance faster from someone who already knows you than from someone you’re calling for the first time.


Prioritize an Emergency Fund

You may not have needed as large of an emergency fund prior to becoming a homeowner, but now, the importance is turned up. Having an emergency fund is so important for homeowners, no matter how many years they’ve owned their home. Unexpected damage can happen at any time, and being prepared is essential. Set some goals for yourself to establish how much you plan to save this year, and keep making that consistent effort, no matter how small. The funds will add up, and you’ll be so grateful that you have them should your roof spring a leak.


Are you a new homeowner? What steps did you take in your first few weeks in your new home? If you’ve been a homeowner for decades, what is some advice you might share with new homeowners? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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