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Top Things Chicago Homeowners Should Consider When Redesigning a Child’s Room

Jun 8, 2021 | Industry News

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If you’re planning to update your children’s rooms, you might be wondering where to begin. Design in our kids’ spaces is often different from the rest of our homes, and we want it to be functional for everyone while also really enjoyable for our kids. So, what are the most important things to think about?


Of course, this is up to you as the homeowner and parent, but it’s worth considering if you intend for the room to feel like an extension of the rest of your home, a space just for your child, or somewhere in between. If you land in between the two, try to get clear on what that means? Are you okay with a completely different color pallet? Can the furniture be a different color? Making space for kids’ rooms to be different from the rest of the home and often land you with the best (kid-approved) end result).


As I’m sure most parents would agree, organization can be an ongoing challenge, especially with young kiddos. Think about how you can incorporate organization into the design of their space. The simpler the better. Giving them bins and baskets where they can tuck their things away can help you get them on board with clean-up time. For older kids, you might work together to come up with some systems to help them stay organized.

Set Up

One of the best ways to design an amazing kid’s room is to get the input of your kids. If your kids are old enough, talk to them about how they might like to set up the room. Where would they put their bed? Their dresser? Etc. Even if you’re working in a small room, it’s worth thinking about if you can create some separate spaces within it. Maybe a reading nook in the corner, a little desk setup, or an area where they could relax with a friend. Getting creative with the way you set up this space can make it even more enjoyable for your child.


When thinking about decoration and design, go for things that are easy to change where possible. Kids are constantly changing as they grow, and this means their tastes will change too. If you don’t mind repainting in a few years, paint color is a fun way to let them express themselves. If painting isn’t on the list, maybe you find a more simple wall color and go for some interesting wall decals that you could easily remove or change in the future. Thinking about how you can make the room flexible to grow with your child will help you and them from feeling like it needs a complete makeover every year.


Have you re-done a child’s room recently? How did you make it kid-friendly? What are your child’s favorite elements? If you're planning to re-decorate in the future, what are your ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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