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Top Questions to Ask if You're Considering Downsizing in St. Louis

Dec 22, 2020 | Industry News

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If you’ve been browsing the market for a smaller home but aren’t sure you’re ready to make the leap just yet, there are some important questions you can ask yourself to help determine if it’s the right move. For some homeowners, a smaller space will better suit their needs and be a perfect next step. For others, some simple tweaks in their current spot might be a better solution. If you’re in the process of making the decision, here are some questions that can help:

What do I love about my current home?

If you’re really feeling undecided, this can be an important place to start. Are you in your ideal location? Do you love the historic architecture? Or is it more about the interior design you’ve created? If there are things about your current home you don’t want to part with, this is worth considering. Interior things you can take with you make it simple, but things like location and architecture can help you pinpoint what you’d want to look for in your newer, smaller place.

What’s motivating the downsize?

Maybe your children have moved out and you simply have more bedrooms than you need. Perhaps you’re wanting a smaller mortgage payment. Or maybe you’re desiring a more minimalist lifestyle with fewer possessions. Whatever the case, getting clear on exactly why you’d like a smaller space can help you more confidently make the decision.

What are my criteria for a new space?

If you are looking in earnest for a new smaller home, what are your must-haves? You don’t want to leave behind a home you love just because you want something smaller. You want to move to a smaller home you love as well. Pinpointing these top qualities can make your search easier and help you find your next house that will feel like home.

What’s my vision for the future?

When considering a move motivated by size, it’s important to think about what the future may hold. If you simply don’t need the space now but might down the line, it may not be worth making the move. If your lifestyle has changed and you’re not anticipating needing more room though, a smaller home could be a great choice. Are you prepared to let go of some of your belongings? Downsizing will likely mean letting go of things, and it’s important to be prepared for that process.


Have you thought about downsizing recently? What’s motivated the idea for you? Have you encountered any challenges? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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