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Top Podcasts for St. Louis Homeowners

Jun 21, 2020 | Industry News

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Looking for design inspiration for your St. Louis home? Aside from perusing through home and garden magazines and indulging in a binge watch fest of HGTV, you may want to consider tuning in to podcasts. Podcasts offer a unique perspective on design inspiration and the trials and tribulations of DIY projects while allowing you to carry on with your everyday activities as you listen. Here are a few that are worthy of a listen.


The Money Pit


Hosted by Leslie Segrete and Tom Kraeutler, The Money Pit is America’s largest syndicated podcast offering advice and expertise on many different home improvement topics as well as low budget DIY hacks. The hosts are a wealth of information due to their backgrounds. Tom Kraeutler is a renovation expert who’s seen it all in his home inspector career spanning over two decades, and Leslie Segrete is a jack of all trades with her knowledge of interior design, carpentry, sewing, and more. The Money Pit has an interactive format and welcomes calls from the audience to address their home improvement queries, and also includes guest speakers from time to time. The podcast offers a wealth of information and each episode is unique and surprising. 


Fix It 101


Do you consider yourself a novice when it comes to DIY projects and home repair? Have you ever started a repair and threw in the towel to call in a seasoned professional? We all need a little help sometimes and that’s where Fix It 101 can come to the rescue. Fix It 101 airs on NPR (National Public Radio) and is the perfect podcast to listen to if you need to learn how to fix, install, or improve something. Have a question about installing a French door, fixing a leaky faucet, or building a deck? No problem, they welcome call-ins from their listeners and walk you through the issue you’re having. Fix It 101 is the perfect podcast for new homeowners and those new to DIY.


Home: On


Technology is expanding every day, especially on the home front. Refrigerators can tell you what you need from the grocery store, doorbells can record video of the activity on your porch, you can set your thermostat from the office, and on and on and on. If you’re eager to expand the intelligence of your home or are simply a lover of gadgets and gizmos, Home: On is the perfect podcast for you. Hosted by Richard Gunther, this podcast explores the products on the market available for technological advancements in your home. In addition to enlightening his audience on what’s available, he also offers reviews of the products and interviews innovative guests to discuss their up-and-coming ideas. If your goal is to have a smart home, Home:On is a must.



Young House Love


Husband and wife hosts John and Sherry Petersik are no strangers to home improvement projects and home decor. Between the two of them, they’ve renovated and designed five homes and have documented their journey along the way. Their banter is fun and lighthearted and they’re happy to share their design accomplishments and what they wish they learned earlier.  Topics vary depending on their experiences as a family, things such as the benefits of downsizing, house hunting, to paint or not to paint your brick, decorating projects, etc. In addition, they also offer up over 3,000 DIY projects for you to try.



Whether you’re attempting your first home repair or DIY project, or you’re just interested in learning new tips and tricks, these entertaining and insightful podcasts will provide you with the answers you need. What’s your next home improvement project?

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