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Top House Hunting Mistakes Chicago Buyers Can Avoid

May 25, 2021 | Industry News

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If you’re just beginning the search for a home in Chicago, you may be looking for strategies to make the process more efficient and enjoyable. While the prospect of a new home is exciting for most people, the process of getting to that point can feel a bit overwhelming. Often, it’s a few common mistakes that turn up the stress and lead to buyers’ frustration. Here are the most common mistakes buyers make while house hunting:

Not Being Clear on Their Budget

Buyers set themselves up for so much frustration when they’re not clear on their budget from the start. You can waste so much time looking at homes you love that aren’t in your budget, and it can lead some buyers to purchase homes that weren’t within their ideal price range. Clarify this from the start so that you know your max budget while looking at listings.

Using Too Wide a Search Filter

Another important thing that clarifying your budget does is narrow your filter. This is just one way to narrow the filter, and the more specifics you can include, the better. Maybe there are specific neighborhoods you do or don’t want to be in. Perhaps there’s a minimum number of bedrooms you need. Filtering down your search will streamline the process and help you maximize your time searching.

Getting Lost in the Details

As prospective buyers start looking at homes on the market, it’s easy to get tempted by fancy upgrades and beautiful staging. Don’t let these overshadow the bigger picture. Does the home meet your must-haves? Is it in a neighborhood you want to be in? Is it a good fit for your family? While the details can be a great bonus, don’t let them sway your decision making.

Not Knowing Where to Compromise

Especially if you’re hoping to move in a shorter time frame, you might have to compromise on some things. It’s so important to consider this in advance. What are your non-negotiables? This is your shortlist of characteristics that a home must meet. There will be plenty of nice-to-haves, and these may be the things you’re willing to compromise on if you find something that checks all the other boxes. This is really a balance of what you want with your urgency of finding a home. There’s nothing wrong with holding out for just the right property, but if you’re wanting to get your kids closer to their school for next year or have an additional bedroom for a growing family, compromise might be part of the equation.


Are you in the process of house hunting? What are the biggest challenges you’re encountering? What parts of the search are you enjoying? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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