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Top 5 Retreats From the St. Louis Heat

Aug 2, 2018 | Around Town

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When the summer heats up in St. Louis, it’s great to have some options on hand for ways to cool off. Though there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy, sometimes you need a break from the sun. When you’re ready for some air-conditioned relaxation, check out one of these great indoor-options to catch a break from the heat:

Grab a Nitro frozen treat at Ices Plain & Fancy

Summer is the prime season for iced treats, and in St. Louis, there’s no shortage of options. One unique treat worth trying is a Nitro ice cream from Ices Plain & Fancy. This parlor does things a little differently, making each cup of ice cream to order with a special liquid-nitrogen flash-churning method. It’s an interesting process to watch, and it creates a silky-smooth end product that differs from traditional slow-churning methods. Located in the historic Shaw Neighborhood just blocks from Tower Grove Park, this is a must-visit spot for a decadent treat on a hot summer day. As well as their rotating list of ice cream flavors, they also offer Cocktail Ice Cream flavors, like their Dark & Fancy, and several boozy floats. Best of all, their ingredients are sourced seasonally from local farmer partnerships.


Check out a museum (or two)

When you’re ready for an interesting air-conditioned afternoon, St. Louis has plenty of museums to visit. The Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park is an exceptional choice where visitors can learn about art from a wide range of historical periods. Visit the Missouri History Museum, also located in Forest Park, where you can learn about the influence of the 1904 World’s Fair. The Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) is a great way to break out of the ordinary and check out an ever-changing array of artwork. No matter what kind of art catches your interest, St. Louis has many wonderful museums to choose from.


Take the family to America’s Incredible Pizza

When everyone needs a break from the sun, this St. Louis location is an entertaining spot to take the whole family. They have a variety of entertainment options, like go-karts, laser tag, glow golf, and carnival games. They also have mini bowling and other activities suitable for little ones, as well as bumper cars and an indoor spin coaster for adventurous kids. For a day of family fun with no sunscreen required, head over and enjoy their many activities, tasty pizza, and all-you-can-eat-buffet.


Visit an indoor rock-climbing gym

When you’re craving physical activity but don’t feel like a jog in the summer heat, visit an indoor climbing gym and build your climbing skills. Check out Climb So Ill Indoor Rock Climbing where you can test your strength on their 50 feet of world-class climbing walls. This gym is adult, teen, and beginner-friendly. You can choose which area is best for your own experience and ability. And they also offer classes for ages 14 and older to refine their skills.


Treat yourself to Narwhal’s Crafted Urban Ice

For a refreshing adult treat, check out Narwhal’s Crafted Urban Ice bar. Nestled in downtown, here you can try one of their many frozen spiked drinks crafted with house-made ingredients in seasonal flavors. They have almost a dozen flavors to choose from on their ever-changing menu, including a Strawberry Basil Lemonade and delicious Watermelon Frosé. Each drink has a clever garnish which contributes to the tropical-oasis feel. Visit them at their Laclede Ave. location and enjoy a refreshing cold treat.



Though the many pools and water parks make for great places to enjoy the summer sun, occasionally, an indoor refuge from the heat is what you need. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax with a friend or somewhere to explore with the whole family, there’s a cool spot in St. Louis to suit your needs.

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