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Tips to Sell Your Home in St. Louis

Feb 22, 2019 | Around Town

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Ready to sell your St. Louis home? In order to get top dollar and encourage a speedy sale, there are many things you can do to prepare. This doesn’t usually mean a massive overhaul or costly renovation. Instead, there are several simple things St. Louis homeowners can do to get their property in shape for a sale. Here are some of the most beneficial strategies:

Talk to Your Agent

Working with an agent is a great way to sturdy up your sale success. One of the best questions you can ask your agent when it comes to getting your home ready is, what makes my home unappealing? Sure, it might sting, but your real estate agent can give you the honest truth that you may not see, and that friends or family may not want to point out. Is there a lingering odor from your family pup? While it might be the subtle consequence of an adorable pet, buyers aren’t likely to see it the same way. Seek out the truth with the help of your agent so you can address any immediate issues right away.

Don’t Dismiss Curb Appeal

The market in St. Louis can be competitive, and if prospective buyers are disappointed by the exterior, it can really dampen their feelings towards the interior. Make a great first impression. Start out on the right foot. However you like to think of it, taking care of landscaping and exterior paint jobs is a great way to give your home an instant facelift.

Keep it Clean

As we mentioned above with the pet odor, cleanliness ranks high on the list of many prospective buyers. Even if they don’t outright list it as a top priority, just like the exterior, it can quickly sway their feelings towards a property. Get rid of clutter and keep things relatively neutral. When it comes to closets and storage spaces, keeping them half-full is a great way to suggest that the house has plenty of storage space. Find a different spot for pets during showings and open houses and depersonalize a bit. This doesn’t mean you need to make your home look generic and unlived in, but you do want to make it easy for buyers to envision their own lives there.

Create a modern listing

Most of today’s buyers are tech-savvy shoppers who are going to do the “heavy-lifting” research from the comfort of their couches. This means that no matter how great your house looks in person, if the listing photos don’t capture that, buyers are likely to overlook it. Depending on your property, even adding a video to your listing may grab buyers’ attention. Even more so than the exterior, the listing is the true first impression for your home in most cases. It’s important to make it count if you want to catch the interest of St. Louis buyers.


If you’re preparing to sell your home in St. Louis, don’t panic. With a bit of leg work, sellers can amplify their home’s appeal and grab the attention of prospective buyers. Whether you’re leaving a comfortable two-bedroom in Crestwood or an apartment downtown, these tips can help you find a buyer and close the deal.

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