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Tips to Organize Your Des Moines Home This Winter

Dec 29, 2020 | Industry News

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Winter is the perfect time for homeowners to dive into organizational projects at home. With more time inside, homeowners can get creative with these indoor organization activities. An organized home can help you feel that you have more space, make it easier to find the things you need, and make your space feel calmer overall. If you’re ready to give your at-home organization a boost, here are some tips to get started:

Set Clear Goals

Organizing your entire home is a very large goal. For most homeowners, breaking this down is an important element of their ultimate success. Are you looking to own less? Free up space? Find better storage solutions? These goals will be important as you work to sort through the items you own. It’s also important to think about why you want to organize. Maybe you want to organize the kitchen cabinets because it will make cooking easier, or perhaps you want to organize your closet so you can better find the clothes you’re looking for.

Be Methodical

As you look at these goals, you can start to create a plan of action. Again, trying to organize everything can leave you with a bunch of half-organized spaces. Being methodical can help homeowners tackle each project they need to complete from start to finish. So, start by breaking it down into individual projects. Think small here, and go room by room. In your kitchen, for example, it might be your spices, pots and pans, or refrigerator that need organizing. List each of these projects so that if you find yourself with a window of time, you can check one off your list.

Invest in Systems

Really think about the best way to organize a specific area, and remember that simple is almost always best. When we make organizing too complicated and strict, we rarely stick to it for very long. We all operate differently, so finding systems that make the most send for you is key. Keeping things visible can help as well. Even labeling bins or shelves can help you stay on track.

Get Your Family On Board

Unless you live alone, maintaining organization will likely need to be a team effort. Create organizational systems that the whole family can be a part of and walk them through how to use them. Even creating super simple systems for your kids, like baskets with labels on them, can help your kids take charge of organization in their own spaces.


How do you stay organized at home? Are there any areas you're hoping to improve this winter? What are your plans? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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