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Tips to Give Your St. Louis Living Room a Style Boost

Sep 6, 2019 | Industry News

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Are you tired of the current style of your St. Louis home? It may be time to give it a makeover.  Since the living room is the most utilized room in the house, it’s the perfect place to start. Here are some tips to boost your style and create the perfect space to entertain:


Determine your taste

What is your decorating style? You don’t necessarily have to label your decorating style into boxes like modern or rustic, but you do need to determine what appeals to your senses. Start with your favorite colors and fabrics, look over photos of rooms decorated in different styles, and look at your current furniture to decide which pieces you would like to incorporate into the room. This will be your jumping off point, and the choices you make will help you decide on paint colors, patterns for pillows and couches, as well as additional furniture you may want.


Paint the walls

A little color goes a long way, and painting your walls will create a mood in the room. Lighter colors make the space appear larger and brighter, while darker colors make the room feel more cozy. Take into account the colors of the furniture you’re adding to the room, as you’ll want them to complement each other. There’s no need for everything to be matching either – an eclectic mixture of patterns and colors can really make a room stand out.


Furniture placement

A common misconception regarding furniture placement is that the furniture should go up against a wall. When placing your couch, coffee table, and chairs, do it in a way to create a conversation area. Determine the focal point of your room, whether it be a fireplace or a bay window, and arrange the furnishings to highlight this focal point. Make sure you consider traffic flow in the room – try not to block doorways or entrance and exit points to the conversation area. 


Bare walls are boring

Art is subjective – make sure you find pieces that interest you. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate your walls, and the key is to create a collection of things that make you happy. Follow your instincts and collect as you go, adding additional pieces as you like. Art also does not have to be restricted to a painting on a canvas or in a frame; some may find a piece of driftwood art and mount that in their room. Have fun and be creative.



Lighting also sets the mood of a room. Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh, so consider changing your light fixture out to create a softer glow. If you have recessed lighting, think about installing a dimmer switch. Additional table lamps, floor lamps, or sconces should also be placed throughout the room for additional ambiance. 



Rugs, throw pillows, books, artwork, and other accessories really will set the finishing touches on the feeling of the room. Like art, these items should be chosen because they appeal to you and your senses. If you are a fan of antique suitcases, buy a few and stack them for an end table or open one up and have it hold your firewood next to your fireplace. Are you a lover of books? Create a wall of bookshelves to display them or add a few of your favorites on the coffee table. Ultimately, this is your space, and you want it to reflect who you are. Make it comfortable for you and your family or friends.



Don’t be overwhelmed when decorating your home. Have fun with it, be creative, and try new things. What tips do you have for boosting your style? Share them with us below.

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