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Tips for Upgrading Your Chicago Home

Mar 8, 2019 | Industry News

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Whether you’re selling your older Chicago home or just purchased a place that needs to be updated, it’s smart to explore popular upgrades to learn which investments will hold the most value and shape a clear plan before you begin. Here are some things to consider:


We’re not advising that you redo your entire home to match current buyers’ every preference. Trends come and go, and that could leave your home feeling dated in just a few years. Instead, if you’re ready to sell your home, including a few in-budget upgrades that will specifically catch the attention of today’s buyers can help set your listing apart. The key is to focus on trends that add value as opposed to purely aesthetic ones.


Lighting is often a priority for buyers. Dark spaces can feel small and gloomy, especially as a first impression. Give your home a quick walk through to see if there are any adjustment you can make to let more light in. Are there any furniture pieces blocking a window? Are heavy curtains keeping out valuable light? Have trees or bushes grown to block part of a window? These are easy fixes that can help prospective buyers feel more comfortable in the space. One popular lighting trend we’re seeing right now is Circadian rhythm lighting to help the body achieve a more natural sleep cycle. While top-of-the-line home networks can run you upwards of $3,000, you can find lower-end systems for under $100.


One of the major home-tech trends we’re seeing is security systems. While a traditional alarm system from the 90s might still work, it can’t be controlled from your smartphone. Today’s buyers are tech savvy. They want modern security they can control from their phones. Everything from video doorbells to entire security systems can give your home a bit of added value. Again, this upgrade won’t change the home’s aesthetic, but it will add significant value for many buyers.

Low-Cost, High-Impact

As we mentioned above, trends change. Painting your house this week’s most popular bold color or going all out on a hip remodel may not always be the best plan of actions. Especially if you’re working on a budget, you want to look for low-cost upgrades that will have a high impact. These often tend to be more classic fixes that won’t go out of style next year. Fresh neutral paint, refinishing floors, cleaning carpets, and ditching dated fixtures can instantly breathe new life into an older home.

Online Service

If you’d like a bit of help with your updates but don’t want to hire a contractor and start a major project, consider using an online service like HomeAdvisor. It connects homeowners with local service professionals, so you can quickly find the right person for the job. This type of platform is great for things like painting and small upgrades and repairs. It lets you target specific projects, making it easy to stay on top of your budget.


Especially for sellers, updates can make a big impact, and it’s not usually necessary to do a massive renovation. Whatever your budget is, some smart, focused projects can quickly add value to your home. Do you have any other tips for upgrading your Chicago home? Share them with us!

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