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Thinking About Some Minimalism in Your St. Louis Home?

Jan 12, 2022 | Industry News

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For many years, minimalism has been a very popular home-design trend, and St. Louis homeowners looking for a style makeover can easily incorporate a minimalist approach to design into their homes. Whether it’s just for a style change, or you really appreciate the philosophy behind minimalism, adding a touch of it to your home can help make the space feel cleaner, tidier, and more serene. Here are some questions to consider if you’re interested in exploring and implementing some minimalism in your home:

What are Your Goals?

Before you get started on any actual design planning, you should define your goals. Is it about ridding your space of excess and owning less? Do you just want to reduce clutter? Do you just want to give a makeover to a couple rooms? Some of this will overlap, but it’s important to have clear goals in place before beginning the process, so you know the best way to proceed.

What Methods Will You Use?

Whatever level of minimalism you’ve decided to apply to your home, taking it room by room is a smart strategy. And this holds especially true if one of your goals is to reduce your possessions. Use this time to go through all of those closets, cabinets, and storage bins that you don’t look through very often. Even if you don’t plan on getting rid of much, you should plan to tackle every corner of every room you’re working in. This will help you maintain any minimalist style modifications after your first cleaning.

What About Storage?

Unless your intention is to go fully minimalist, you’re going to have some possessions that need a new home. Successful minimalism doesn’t mean an empty house. Be strategic and organized when it comes to how you store your things. Find the most efficient way to store your things, once you’ve decided what stays and what goes. If you want a light, clean, and airy minimalist feel, there can’t be any clutter. Ensure everything has a designated place. This will aid in achieving that simple, clean style, but it will also aid you in maintaining it.

Which Colors Will You Use?

White is the first color people may think of when it comes to minimalism, followed closely by gray. There’s no one way to interpret the style. Minimalism doesn’t have to mean a clinically white room entirely void of color. Be specific with the colors you want to use and keep the palette simple. Including bursts of bold color can help the room still feel like you. If white, grey, cream, etc. are what you decide on, it doesn’t mean that your red sofa needs to get thrown out too. You don’t need to be strict to get impressive results that still feel minimalist.


Minimalism can make your space feel strikingly new — brighter, cleaner, and larger.
If you’d like to talk more about employing a minimalist slant in your home, or if there’s another matter we can be of assistance with, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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