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Taking Your Des Moines Garage to the Next Level

Jul 26, 2020 | Industry News

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Are you tired of your garage being a catch-all for items that have no space in your home? If you think about it, most garages have quite a bit of usable square footage, so why not make it a functional space for your home improvement projects, hobbies, or a cool spot to hang out with friends or family? Here are a few ideas to take your Des Moines garage to the next level.


Clean and Organize

Typically, any household garage could house multiple boxes, storage bins, tools, hardware, or gardening supplies – that is, if you have extra space besides where you park your car. These multiple items are the perfect home for pests like spiders or rodents, so the best way to start your garage makeover is to give it a good cleaning. Remove all of the items from the space and scrub down the walls, windows, storage racks, and floors. This may also be a good time to fumigate to make sure that any unwanted visitors disappear. Once everything is clean and shiny, you’re ready to design your new space.


Add Storage

When deciding on potential storage options, you want to look for ideas that will allow you easy access but are also space savers. Ceiling storage is a great option for those items that you use seasonally such as holiday decorations, camping gear, or sports equipment. When storing these items, be sure to clearly mark each bin with a summary of its contents so that you can easily find what it is that you need when the time comes. Cabinets are a great option for items you use on a more regular basis such as cleaning supplies, extension cords, bulk items, paint, or gardening items such as fertilizer and pots. For those items that are odd in shape such as tools and gardening equipment, the good old fashioned peg board is still one of your best options. 



One of the easiest ways to transform a space is to give it a paint makeover. Typically, a garage lacks natural light unless the garage door is open, so you may want to stay away from darker hues and opt for something that’s a bit on the lighter side. If you’re looking for an industrial look, you can paint the walls a light grey and add stainless steel cabinets or a stainless worktable.  Add a pop of color by painting your peg boards a contrasting shade to that of the walls. If you are planning on using a portion of the space for a fitness center or hangout area, you may want to add some wallpaper or a fun mural. Your garage is essentially an extension of your home so when deciding on a decor scheme, take a cue from the decorative choices you’ve already made in your living areas.


Makeover the Floor

Choosing flooring for your garage isn’t like choosing flooring for your home – it needs to be a bit more durable. With that said, there are a number or options to choose from. The least expensive and easiest option is to add a floor cover which sticks to the garage floor, or covering the floor with an epoxy shield paint. If you want to jazz it up a bit and spend some more money, you can install garage tiles, which will absolutely take your garage to the next level. No matter what style you choose, it’s a good idea to add a garage door threshold seal to protect the floor by sealing off any gaps that may allow water in during a heavy rain. 



Now that you have a clean slate and you’ve freed up some of that floor space, you may want to dedicate some square footage for your hobbies or activities. Do you want a woodworking area, perhaps a crafting table, or a jewelry making station? Do you need a space for yoga or your treadmill? Have you always wanted to try your hand at making pottery, or potentially create a man cave? Aside from meeting your storage needs, your garage can be a multi-purpose space that’s perfect for any hobbies you’d like to explore or projects you want to tackle. Maybe you just need a mom or dad space, so make an area in the garage where you can relax and enjoy some peace and quiet for a bit. Think of the space as a blank slate of square footage to utilize as you wish.



Whether you’ve always dreamed of having a man cave or are in need of a space to get your creativity flowing, your garage can be transformed to meet your lifestyle. 

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