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Striving for Energy Efficiency in Your Chicago Home

Jul 13, 2019 | Industry News

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Perhaps you’re looking to save some money this year, or maybe you’re interested in more environmentally-friendly homeownership. Whatever the reason, many homeowners look for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. While this topic often comes to mind in cold winters when heating costs rise, it’s just as important in the summertime. It’s especially useful to consider energy efficiency in the warmer months because it’s a great time of year to make proactive changes. Here are several ways you can get started:

Seal Your Windows

Old windows are a major cause of heat loss, but winter isn’t the only time they can up your energy usage. Leaky windows can make it just as challenging to keep your house cool, making your AC have to work even harder. To better control the climate inside and use less energy doing so, think about sealing your windows. If you have particularly old windows, replacing them is often a wise investment.

Consider Insulation

Do you know how well your house is insulated? Like leaky windows, poor insulation can make it difficult to control the climate in your house. If you’re not sure, consider bringing in a professional to give you a recommendation. Though these types of updates may feel costly at first, they usually provide long-term savings.

Get an HVAC Tune-Up

The better our heating and cooling systems are working, the less energy they need to use. Local professionals can give your HVAC system a tune-up to ensure it’s in good shape. This is a great item to keep on your regular maintenance to-do list.

Help Your Hot Water System

Do you know what temperature your water heater is set to? Many homeowners can save energy by turning the temperature to warm (120°F). It’s also wise to check that your hot water lines are insulated so that they’re not rapidly cooling between uses. Another option to save on hot water costs is to use low-flow fixtures in your shower or bath.

Work With the Sun to Heat and Cool

In the winter, ensuring that sunlight can get inside can help make your house feel a bit warmer, but working with the sun in the summertime can be even more powerful. When you’re trying to keep your house cool, shade is a great tool. Whether you have greenery that provides some shade, or you use umbrellas or awnings to create it yourself, keeping the sun out can make it much easier to stay cool inside. If you’re ready to take a larger step, switching to solar is one of the best ways to become more efficient.

Get an Energy Audit

If you’re committed to finding ways to be more energy efficient, an energy audit is a great strategy. When you do this, you’ll learn about all the ways your specific home could be made more efficient, instead of just implementing general tips. It can also be a great motivation to make the changes. When you hear how much you can save on utilities and how much energy you’re wasting all at once from a professional, you’re often ready to shift gears.


It’s easy for Chicago homeowners to go green. With a few shifts, you can make your home more energy efficient. Do you have any other tips for efficiency? Share them with us.

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