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St. Louis' Top 5 Cafes for Working Remotely

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The vibrant Gateway City has much to offer both visitors and locals. With its iconic architecture and welcoming atmosphere, this city certainly never bores its residents. With many freelancers, telecommuters, and consulters living in and visiting St. Louis, finding the right cafe in town to convert into a temporary office is often an essential. Whether you exclusively work remotely or just occasionally need a break from the office, there are many great cafes in St. Louis where you can get some work done and enjoy a delicious beverage. Maybe you’re on the hunt for that perfect dark roast to power your afternoon or are searching for the right atmosphere to work through your daily checklist. Whatever your remote-work needs, you’re bound to find a coffeehouse in St. Louis to strike your fancy. Read on for 5 of the best cafes to sip and work in the Gateway City:

1. Park Avenue Coffee

The first coffee shop on the list is Park Avenue Coffee. With 4 locations around town to check out, this coffee shop delights St. Louis’ coffee-lovers. One recommended location for working is at their newest spot in the Cortex Innovation Community, a technology hub located on 4240 Duncan Avenue. With its many windows, you’ll find a bright, hip space to get a cup of ethically-sourced, air-roasted, small-batch coffee. If you need a bite, they also serve up waffles, oatmeal, and a few egg dishes to fuel your work session. On warmer days, you can set up in their outdoor seating area complete with a fire pit. Open Monday through Friday, they have great wifi, plenty of outlets, and a quiet vibe to crack into your work.


2. Sump Coffee

At Sump Coffee, you’ll find a quirky space to work away while sipping on a cup of coffee sourced from in-season, current-crop beans roasted on site. From the moment you approach the front windows at 3700 S Jefferson Avenue, you’ll get a sense of the creative and inviting vibe. From their logo and beautiful lettering on the outer window to the hip interior of the cafe, this could be your next go-to work spot. Try their Yemen Haaraz coffee, a local favorite that they typically feature in the spring.

3. Northwest Coffee Roasting Company

Take a jaunt over to 4251 Laclede Avenue in the Central West End area of St. Louis, and give Northwest Coffee Roasting Company a try. This artisan coffee-roasting shop’s mission is to unite communities by creating a dialogue and pairing it with a hand-roasted cup of joe. This hidden gem of a cafe is a small, unique shop in an unfinished, converted garage. The quirky atmosphere is matched with their friendly customer service. An added bonus you won’t find elsewhere — they have a printer on site which remote workers can use and pay per page. They also have a charming outdoor setup with a fire pit.


4. RISE Coffee House

The motto of RISE Coffee House is “coffee for the people”, and they certainly provide. This eclectic space located at 4176 Manchester Avenue serves up some of St. Louis’ favorite coffee and lunch with a great ambiance. Telecommuters often come for the quiet study room upstairs where you’ll find cozy armchairs by the window and several desks. With a welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, it's easy to spend a long afternoon working away on your laptop here. There are many outlets and tables, great wifi, and even a patio for warmer days.

5. Kitchen House Coffee

At Kitchen House Coffee, you’ll find a great space to set up and work for the day. Located at 3149 Shenandoah Avenue, this cafe offers a long bar, relaxing atmosphere, and genuine sense of community. Enjoy a great cup of coffee and delicious local pastry as you work. They even have their own egg-laying chickens out back from which they source their eggs for their delicious breakfast sandwiches. With a nice front patio area, wifi, and plenty of outlets inside, this place is the perfect spot to tackle emails or work though some paperwork.



St. Louis is rapidly coming up on the foodie and coffee scene as a serious contender. When you need a change of scenery from your 9-5 office space or are searching for a great cafe to inhabit for the afternoon, you have a multitude of options to choose from. From spots with just the right quirky decor, to bright clean spaces, you’ll have no trouble finding a delicious coffee and perfect work environment to keep you caffeinated and productive.

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