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St. Louis Sellers: Updates to Consider

Sep 28, 2019 | Industry News

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Are you thinking about selling your St. Louis home and are on the fence about updating? You may want to consider investing some time, money, and elbow grease to make your home stand out above the rest. Here are some ideas that could turn a potential buyers head in your direction.


Kitchen Upgrade

Whether you want to spend the money or not, there are upgrades you can do that will make your kitchen look like new. If you have the time and money for a full kitchen remodel, updating the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash will definitely increase the value of your home.  However, remodels can quickly add up, so if you want to keep the costs down, consider painting your cabinets and adding new and updated hardware instead of doing the full remodel. If you’re feeling motivated, adding a new backsplash can be a simple DIY project. Make sure your appliances are all in good working order, match in color, and are kept clean.


Add Moldings

Crown molding and baseboards add a unique quality to a home. Once you get used to using a miter saw, this DIY project can be very simple and inexpensive. Moldings can be added around cabinets, fireplaces, built-ins, as well as to line the upper area of your walls. Adding in molding can help make a space stand out and improve the quality of your home when selling.


Improve your Entryway

The front door and porch are the introduction to your home, so consider replacing your front door or simply painting it and adding new hardware and a door knocker. Liven up your front porch with some potted plants, a seating area, or a porch swing. Replace or refurbish the house numbers and the mailbox. The more inviting the front of your house is, the better chance you’ll have of getting an appealing offer. 


Increase your Storage

Storage is a hot commodity for potential buyers. Adding a pantry or extending your closets is sure to be a selling point. If you don’t want to invest in this type of remodel, consider adding additional shelving. Floating shelves are a quick and relatively inexpensive upgrade for smaller spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. In larger areas such as a living room or family room, consider adding a built-in bookshelf (with crown molding, of course). Existing closets and pantries should be organized, so also consider adding some organizational elements to make them look larger.


Upgrade your Flooring

Is your carpet or tile out of date or looking a little grungy? It may be a good idea to tear it out and give your floors an upgrade. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a professional will depend on how much you want to spend. Most buyers are looking for tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, hardwoods in living areas, and carpets in the bedrooms. Peruse your local home improvement stores and compare prices. 



Updating your home prior to putting it on the market will always improve the way it sells. Even on a budget, improvements can be done. Talk with your real estate agent and ask them their opinion about what needs an update. What have you done to improve your home?

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