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St. Louis Neighborhood Spotlight: The Hill

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Are you looking for the perfect home in St. Louis for you and your family? In order to find a home that fits your lifestyle, it’s best to decide on the neighborhood that you want to live in prior to choosing the property. 


St. Louis has many neighborhoods to choose from, one of which is the Hill. The Hill is an eclectic area located south of Manchester Avenue, between Hampton Avenue on the west and Kingshighway Avenue on the east. The area acquired its name due to the fact that the highest point in St. Louis is located at the intersection of Sublette and Arsenal. This, however, is not what makes the Hill unique. 


The Hill has gained its fame because of the food. You could call the Hill the Little Italy of St. Louis, as the area is comprised of a mostly Italian demographic and with that comes traditional Italian recipes passed down from generation to generation. If you’re a lover of Italian cuisine, here are some restaurants that shouldn’t be missed:


Adriana’s on the Hill

Adriana’s is a staple in The Hill and it has been around since 1922. The restaurant is owned and run by Adriana and her daughters with recipes that go back to the old country. The menu is made up of soup, sandwiches, pasta, and pizza all made with authentic ingredients and a dash of Italian charm.



Established in 1957, Rigazzi’s is another staple, known in the neighborhood for its frozen fishbowl of beer. That, however, is not its only claim to fame. St. Louis voted them “Best Italian” and “Best Toasted Ravioli,” and their pizza was recognized by Bon Appetit magazine. The menu is extensive with choices of specialty sandwiches, burgers, pizza, appetizers, pasta, and Rigazzi’s dinners.



Zia’s was founded in 1985 and is a favorite for locals and out of towners alike. Their menu is quite refined with scrumptious appetizers, pasta dishes, fish, beef or veal courses, as well as delectable desserts. They also have a mobile food truck, a catering business, an online store for dressings and sauces, and they also offer their not so secret recipes on their website.


Mama Capisi’s

Mama Capisi’s is a landmark as well as a gathering place for the people of the neighborhood.   Mama Capisi’s claim to fame is that they’re the original inventor of the Toasted Ravioli but in all actuality, it’s the casual family dining atmosphere and authentic flavors that keep people coming back. If you want to meet your neighbors, this is the place to go.


Lorenzo’s Trattoria

Lorenzo’s has a beautiful menu full of selections from Northern Italy. Their food combines the rustic and authentic flavors of the region while adding creative and modern twists. Lorenzo’s has more of an upscale feel to the décor, but the ambiance is all about good food and good times.  It was also voted RFT’s Best Italian Restaurant.


Viviano’s Market and Café

Viviano’s has a quaint little cafe with a great menu of traditional Italian subs, pizzas, burgers, and desserts. The market, however, is the star of this establishment, which has been in business for over fifty years. Viviano’s is the perfect place to get all of your culinary shopping needs. Choose from olive oils, charcuterie, cheese, pasta, sauces, spices and much, truly a food lover’s dream.



If you’re looking for a neighborhood that is friendly and food-y, the Hill is the place to go.

But there is certainly more to the Hill than the food. The camaraderie of the people that live there, the charming churches, bakeries, and coffee shops, the row and shotgun houses that are impeccably cared for, and the history of the area all contribute to its charm. The food brings people together as it has historically in Italy.

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