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Smart Storage Solutions for St. Louis Homeowners

Aug 16, 2019 | Industry News

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Whether you’ve just moved into your new St. Louis home, or you’re looking for ways to improve the home you’ve been in for years, storage is often a key consideration for homeowners. Without great storage, things can start to feel cluttered quickly. With the right storage systems in place though, it makes it easier to keep your home tidy and find the things you’re looking for right away. If you’re in need of some storage improvement, here are some of the top things to consider:


When thinking about storage solutions, it’s not just about having a place to stash your things. A spacious closet or large basement doesn’t necessarily guarantee great storage. In order to maximize these spaces, organization is key. Having separate shelves and bins for different items helps everyone know where to put things away. Labeling bins and boxes, especially those that are used less frequently, can make a storage system more effective.


If the item you’re searching for is buried somewhere in a pile of boxes in the attic, frustration can set in. No one wants to have to dig through box after box to find what they need. Your storage needs to be functional. If you use bins and boxes, in addition to labeling them, ensure they’re easy to maneuver. Whether it’s full or not, if a bin is getting too heavy to move, start a new one. You also want storage to be visible and simple to use for everyone in the home. If you create a storage system for your kids’ toys, make sure it’s easy for them to see and understand what goes where. If you’re storing different things in the kitchen, ensure that no matter who is cooking, they’ll be able to locate what they need.


Closets have the potential for great storage systems, but they often require a bit of TLC from homeowners. The standard rod with hangers isn’t always the most efficient option. Consider installing some simple shelving to make the most of the space. If it’s a larger closet, you may even want to consider some lighting options so that you’re able to see everything in storage.


Unused Space

The key to maximizing the storage possibilities in your home is about taking advantage of all the space that you have. Under beds, basements and attics, and other tucked-away spaces make for great storage. Wither it’s grabbing a thin bin that fits under the bed or ensuring that the boxes you put in your basement are watertight, using these spaces to their fullest can help you create the best storage system in your home.


Finally, storage can be a mix of function and style. We don’t all live in homes full of closets where we can hide our storage systems behind a closed door. Perhaps you have a shelving unit in the living room or bathroom for additional storage. This can become an element of the room’s decor if you plan correctly. Look for bins that complement the style of your room and choose a shelving material that goes with the furniture. This way, your storage will blend in with and contribute to the style of the room.


Making the most of your home means creating effective storage options. No matter what size your home is or how strong the storage systems are now, there’s often space to improve. Give some of these tips a try to give your storage a boost. Do you have any other tips? Please share them.

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