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Simple Updates That Can Transform Your St. Louis Home

Sep 28, 2020 | Industry News

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With many of us spending more time at home than we may have in the past, sometimes we want to give our space a refresh. Or perhaps you’re in the process of listing your St. Louis home and want to make sure it gives off a great first impression to potential buyers. Whatever the case, there are some simple ways homeowners can transform their space without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at some easy additions to instantly update your St. Louis home:


Houseplants are a perfect option to add a bit of life to a room. Their beautiful color will add a pop of energy, and the plants and pots you choose can become an element of your style. There’s something about plants that just make a room feel more fresh and clean. Whether you want to incorporate a larger plant that really makes a statement or a few small, low-maintenance succulents, plants can quickly change the vibe of your space.


Lighting also contributes significantly to how a room feels. Are you wanting to feel more relaxed in your living room? Are you needing a bit more energy at your desk? Looking for some middle ground between total relaxation and wide awake? Lighting can often do the trick. The best option for many homeowners is to give themselves some options. Adding a few floor and table lamps with different bulbs can give you more control. Maybe you have some cooler white lights for when you want your space to look bright and airy, and some warmer lights for when you want it to feel more cozy and comfortable.


Going bold with artwork is another great way to transform a space. Going for something larger, a bright color, or a unique design can really add some interest to your room. You want your art to fit with the style of your space, but it doesn’t need to blend in. Choosing something that makes a statement can make a room feel more pulled together and updated. And the greatest part is that it’s much easier to update than switching the paint color or getting new furniture.

Furniture Placement

Speaking of furniture, if you’re wanting to give your room a refresh without spending a dime, moving your furniture could be the way to go. Of course, you want to keep function and practicality in mind here. But trying out some different arrangements may change the way you feel in the space. Perhaps you make it a bit cozier by pulling things a bit closer, or maybe you opt for a more spacious feel. Maybe you want to create a little corner nook that feels like its own space. Doing some measuring beforehand and sketching things out can make this process a lot easier.


Have you made any updates in your St. Louis home recently? Do you have any tips for quick and simple transformations? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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