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Satisfying Decluttering Projects to Tackle in Your Chicago Home

Apr 26, 2021 | Industry News

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A good decluttering project can be highly satisfying. While it might not immediately feel like the most fun thing to do, completing a project like this can make you feel accomplished while also making your space a bit more relaxing. So, whether you need a productive project to help you destress or you need to take that first step into taking charge of clutter, here are a few projects you might consider diving into:

The Junk Drawer

Taking 20 minutes to clean out that catch-all drawer can feel so good. Maybe it’s overflowing with stuff and you’re constantly having to dig around every time you’re looking for something, or maybe it’s become so full of clutter, no one even knows what’s in it. Whatever the case, emptying out this drawer, sorting through the contents, ditching what you don’t need, and reassembling, is a quick but satisfying project. You might find some things you’ve been looking for for months while also making this tiny piece of your home more functional.

Your WFH Desk

With so many people still working from home at least part of the time, the work from home desk space is a worthy investment of your time. It’s easy for our desk to collect clutter, but this can be distracting and ultimately make us less productive. Wrapping up your day with a quick cleanout of your desk can set you up for success in the days ahead. Empty out your drawers, clean off the surface completely, sort through your wires and charging stations, and give everything a good wipedown. Starting out your workday with a fresh, clean workspace makes this little project worth the effort.

The Pantry

Over the last year, many owners have built up quite a collection in their pantries. Whether you have a designated pantry room or are simply filling up your kitchen cabinets, going through all those staples, checking the expiration dates, and reorganizing can help you make the most of what you have. When our panties get disorganized, it’s easy to forget about things we’ve already purchased and add them to our grocery list. Then we end up with multiple boxes of the same thing taking up space we don’t have. Giving your pantry a good clean-out will help you better utilize the space, and it will make cooking a bit more efficient as well.

The Storage Room

Maybe you have an attic or basement that functions as your storage room or perhaps it’s just a hallway closet. Wherever your storage space is, this is a project that homeowners should consider making a routine throughout the year. Storage spaces can quickly become cluttered dumping grounds for all those things we don’t know what to do with. If all those things you’re not sure if you need to hang on to or not end up in your storage space, you’ll be taking up valuable space for the things you actually need. By spending some time going through this space, getting rid of the things that need to go, and setting up an organizational system to give things a more clear home, you can maximize your storage space, no matter how big or small.

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