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Ready to Stage Your St. Louis Listing?

Apr 12, 2019 | Industry News

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Many St. Louis sellers encounter the question of staging their home for sale. Some opt to forgo the service, and others embrace the idea. While it will depend on your unique situation and preferences, staging is often a great choice for sellers, especially if they’re eager to make a quick sale. Here are just a few reasons why we think staging can be useful to St. Louis sellers:

Nail Your First Impression

Especially in real estate, first impressions matter. Many of today’s buyers prioritize the feeling they get from a house. While, of course, they’re still considering practical matters like location and the state of the property, the feeling they have when walking through the front door for the first time can really sway their opinion of the house overall.

Communicate to Potential Buyers

A well-staged house tells buyers it’s been well maintained. Staging means addressing repairs and freshening up dated interiors. These details help buyers to feel that the owners kept up with the place. It gives them confidence that they’re not purchasing a massive project for themselves.

Make it Their House

One of the most important things a seller can do is make it easy for a prospective buyer to envision him or herself in the space. This doesn’t mean creating a cold house void of all personality, but it does mean removing some of your personal touches to give buyers freedom to imagine their own. Staging is an objective way to make your home feel like a blank canvas for buyers without making it feel empty or uninhabited.

Give Purpose

Perhaps you have an extra room that you just use for closet overflow, or maybe a nook is being used to store large items like bicycles or other sporting equipment. When you’re selling, you want to give every space a purpose. Staging can help you turn that additional room into a valuable guest bedroom and office and transform that storage nook into a quaint reading corner.

Create Space

Especially if you’ve lived in your home for a while, you’re probably used to the furniture and amount of space you have. That big couch that allows for family movie nights may be a plus for you, but for buyers, it may be eating up valuable space and making your living room look and feel smaller. Staging allows you to maximize and highlight the space available. Just as much as oversized furniture can impact the feel of a space, so can undersized. Staging will help you get that just-right feeling to please buyers.


Catch Attention

Finally, yours may not be the only St. Louis house prospective buyers are interested in. Staging is a great way to instantly set yourself apart from the competition. Just put yourself in your buyer’s shoes. You have two similar homes on your list. They both meet your basic criteria, but one stands out as being spacious and move-in ready. It’s a no-brainer why most buyers will go for that staged house that allowed them to envision themselves in the space.


If you’re committed to selling your St. Louis home at a good price, it’s worth considering the option to stage it. With several local companies providing great services, it’s easy to enlist the support you need to transform your space into one buyers will be eager to own.

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