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Prepping Your Home for Spring in St. Louis

Mar 28, 2019 | Industry News

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Whether you’ve just purchased a new place, are preparing to sell your current home, or are a happy homeowner ready to welcome the new season, there are some great tips that all St. Louis homeowners can benefit from. Here are some of the top ones we’d recommend adding to your list:


While you may have washed the insides of windows in the winter, the outsides are often neglected in the colder weather. Find a nice day and give the outsides a wash as well. Clean windows let in more light, brightening up your space for spring. It’s also the perfect time to replace and repair screens. Check them out before you absolutely need them, so they’re ready to go when things heat up. Even if it’s not quite yet the balmy weather you’re waiting for, opening up your windows and airing out your home can make the space feel cleaner.

Outdoor Spaces

Though it might not be warm enough to enjoy them yet, outdoor spaces often need some sprucing after winter. Sweep off patios and decks, consider any repainting that might be necessary, and depending on your space, you may even be ready to bring out the furniture. Especially if you’re preparing to sell, these spaces can be a real bonus for buyers.

Filters and Vents

Seasonal maintenance is a great way to ensure you stay current with important tasks. Check filters and vents with each new season. The furnace filter and dryer vent are two that can pose real hazards if left unchecked. In addition, it’s also good to get in the habit of checking the water filter in your refrigerator and your range hood filter as well.


The roof and gutters will likely top your list for exterior maintenance. Even if you suspect they’re in great shape, it’s always good to check and clean out any debris that may have accumulated. This is also the time to test out outdoor faucets and sprinklers so they’re ready when you need them.


Storm Safety

In St. Louis, spring can sometimes mean storms. As a homeowner, you want to be prepared. Double check that you have flashlights and candles you could use should the power go out. It’s also smart to tuck away a first aid kit and extra batteries. Outside, look for any branches or trees that could damage your home in a storm and consult a professional for how to proceed.


Though it may not be warm enough to go all out on your garden, spring is the perfect time to get everything ready. Gardens and lawns often need some attention after the winter to clear out debris and plan for the warmer weather ahead.


In St. Louis, the coming of spring is a great time for preparation. Though the warm weather isn’t fully here yet, the transition gives us time to prepare. It also can keep us on track with regular maintenance and tasks. Did these things make your spring to-do list? What others did you add to yours? Let us know in the comments.

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