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Organization Mistakes That St. Louis Homeowners Should Avoid

Oct 12, 2020 | Industry News

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Fall is the perfect time of year to take on some new organization projects. As the weather starts to cool off and we’re spending more time inside, it’s nice to feel that our space supports both relaxation and productivity. The more organized we are, the more our home can function as we need it to, whether that’s as a home-school, office, playroom, family space, etc. Now more than ever, organization can be a powerful tool for homeowners to fully appreciate the space they have. Let’s take a look at some common organization mistakes that St. Louis homeowners should avoid if they want to make the most of their space:

Overly Complicated

Many of us have tired implementing those organization systems that took time to design and plan for but only worked for a few weeks. When we get too complicated with our organization, it can quickly backfire. It becomes more difficult to maintain these systems and to get everyone in the family to stay on board. Whether you’re creating a system in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, starting simple can help you find a system that you’ll actually use - and that’s the most important part.

Out of Sight

A common tendency with organization is to hide our things in closets, cabinets, bins, and containers. These are all valuable organization tools, but when we put all of our things out of sight, it can feel inefficient and thus make us less likely to fully utilize and stick with the system. Of course you want to make use of the storage spaces you have in your home, but try not to hide things away in too many different containers. Avoid boxes in boxes when possible, and when you do need to use boxes, label them for easy use.

Saving Everything

Many homeowners take organization as a means not to throw things away. They figure if they can just organize their belongings, it will all fit fine in their house. Don’t confuse organizing for decluttering. Before starting any new organization project, it’s best to go through all the materials you want to organize to determine what you really want to keep. Just because you may have an organized space for something doesn’t mean it needs to go there. Be selective with the things you organize so that you keep your systems minimal and functional.

All or Nothing

Just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it up. This is where most homeowners fall off the wagon with their organizing. Maybe you have a busy week and don’t stick to your system. Don’t give it up. Just because your house isn’t always perfectly organized doesn’t mean that your systems aren’t working. Keeping these things in place and utilizing them as best you can is the real key to success.


Where are you at with organization in your St. Louis home? Is it something you want to improve? Have you identified the systems that work for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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