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Online Home Shopping in St. Louis

Aug 17, 2020 | Industry News

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So many future home buyers enjoy the comfort of shopping from their couches, computer propped up in their lap or phone in hand. Online can be a great place to start your house search, and there are several strategies potential buyers can use to make it even more effective. If you’re looking for your next St. Louis home and want to begin your search online, here are some things to consider:

Be Consistent

Getting in the habit of searching regularly can help you spot new things as they come on to the market. It can help you get a better sense of what’s out there and what prices are like. And it can help take some of the stress off the process. Rather than going on hoping to find your dream home and feeling frustrated after hours of searching, putting in a bit of time each day decreases the pressure and makes it so there’s less for you to search through.

Go Beyond the Photos

There’s no doubt that listing photos are important. They catch buyers’ eyes and can offer a convenient view of the property. But as buyers, there are some things to pay attention to when it comes to photos. If beautiful photos grab your attention, continue exploring the listing. Read the details, request more information, or contact your agent. Great photos don’t always equal a great house, and it’s important to be well informed. Sometimes, the same is true for less-impressive photos. Maybe the seller didn’t splurge on expensive photography, or perhaps their decor style is making it hard to imagine yourself in the space. Sometimes, these listings are worth reading up on as well. What you see in photos doesn’t always accord with what you’ll see in person, so don’t immediately judge a book by its cover here.

Consult Your Must-Haves List

Online shopping can quickly become overwhelming. With so many options to browse through, buyers need a way to narrow their search. A must-have list is a great way to create a filter, streamlining your search. Budget, neighborhood, number of bedrooms, features - these are all things you may want to include.

Connect With Your Agent

Finally, when you come across a property you’re really interested in, reach out to your agent. They can help you better assess the property and help you plan your next steps. While looking online can be a great activity to do on your own to start, having the support of an agent can make the rest of the process much easier.


Do you prefer to start your house search online? What impresses you most in a listing? Have you ever fallen in love with a house online? I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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