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Minimalist Mistakes to Avoid in Your Des Moines Home

Jun 1, 2021 | Industry News

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The concept of minimalism continues to grow in popularity. For some it’s an entire lifestyle, for others it’s more of a design aesthetic, and for many, minimalism falls somewhere in between the two. If the ideas of owning less, eliminating clutter, and having a more spacious feeling home appeal to you, you might be thinking you’re ready to give your home a minimalist makeover. Before you dive in, here are a few common mistakes to watch out for:

Going Too Fast

Maybe you watched a documentary, listened to a podcast, or saw some beautiful photos online and now you’re feeling inspired. That’s great, and it’s wise to utilize that motivation to get started. Just be cautious not to go too fast as you’re getting rid of your belongings. If you set yourself up with extreme goals, it can make the experience stressful and frustrating. Instead, it’s often better to start small and work your way up to where you’d like to be. For example, you don’t need to commit to having a ten-piece wardrobe right away. Instead, you might go through your clothing and get rid of things you haven’t worn recently. Starting slowly will help you stick with the changes you’ve made.

Meeting Others’ Expectations

It’s also easy to get caught up in what a minimalist home looks like. There are plenty of Pinterest photos and magazine shots of airy homes with white walls, white furniture, and no clutter in sight. They might be beautiful, but that doesn’t have to be your version of minimalism. Whether you’re thinking of it as a lifestyle or a design choice, create a vision of what you want for your home rather than trying to look like an Instagram post.

Overlooking Practicality

Not everyone’s life easily conforms to minimalism. You might have boxes of your family’s winter clothes stacked up in the basement. Maybe you have young kids, and a completely clutter-free house would be exhausting to achieve. If you’re looking to give a room a more minimal feel, do so on a foundation of practicality. Take your living room, for example. You might use furniture that doubles as storage, like an ottoman that can hold extra blankets or an artistic basket to hold your kids’ toys. You want that room to still meet your family's needs, so keeping those in mind as you reduce is key.


Getting Rid of Things You Use

Maybe you’re working on a more minimal kitchen, and going through your appliances and utensils is a challenge. You can still achieve that minimal style without ditching things that you actually use. Start by letting go of the things you don’t use, then focus on storage solutions for the things you do. Getting rid of things to achieve a certain aesthetic rarely works. We often find ourselves replacing them shortly down the line. Instead, think about how you can store these things in a way that keeps them out of sight but still within easy reach.


Does the minimalist design aesthetic appeal to you? Is it something you’ve tried in your own home? Have you encountered any of these mistakes? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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