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Minimalism-Inspired Style for Des Moines Homeowners

Nov 30, 2020 | Industry News

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Minimalism is certainly a design trend lately, and Des Moines homeowners who want to incorporate some of the aesthetic in their homes are in luck. It’s an easy style to experiment with, whether you’re looking to do a touch of DIY or a full room makeover. So if you’re looking to bring more of that minimal feeling into your home, where you can start? Let’s look at a few ideas:


This is step 1 for any minimalist ventures you may start in your home. Minimalism is all about simplicity, and the first thing to stand in the way of that is clutter. You want to create a space that is relaxing on the eyes and mind, and that means clean surfaces. Plus, if you’re interested in minimalism as a philosophy beyond just a design aesthetic, owning less is a significant part of that. Tuning into what you really need and value and letting go of the rest is part of a minimalist way of life.

Open Up Your Space

To give your space that calming and simple vibe, try to create an arrangement with your furniture that’s as open as possible. If your room is crammed with furniture, perhaps you can move a few pieces to another room. If any doors or windows are being blocked, rearranging might be in order. Spacing things out and making the room functional but with plenty of room to walk around with ease is key.

Rethink Color

Sometimes when people think minimalism, they think the entire room needs to be white. While going with neutral colors for the majority of your surfaces and textiles can contribute to a more minimalist feeling, it doesn’t mean you should rule out color - instead, you just need to be intentional with it. Choosing a few favorite pieces to add pops of color and paying attention to your color palette for the space will help you maintain the design without feeling like you’re living in black and white.


When you want to create more space and keep clutter out, the things you do have may need to serve multiple purposes. A coffee table that is also a storage unit, for example, or a bookshelf that serves as an artistic element in the room. Changing the way that you look at the things you own and choosing things that can be both functional and artistic is a great way to keep a space feeling minimal.


Is the minimalist aesthetic something you enjoy? Would you like to incorporate more of this in your home? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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