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Maximizing Space in a Small Chicago Home

Sep 6, 2019 | Industry News

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Are you starting to feel cramped in your Chicago home? Since increasing your square footage may not always be an option, take a look around and see if you’re actually utilizing the space you have to its full potential. Here are some great tips to maximize your space in a small Chicago home:


All space is usable

You may have more space than you realize. Use baskets and bins for storage, as they can be easily tucked in under your bed, under your coffee table, or under a bench. If you have a staircase, the space under the stairs can be used for cabinets, shelving, or a cozy reading nook.  If you have high ceilings you can even create a loft for sleeping or as an office space. 



Shelving is a perfect way to utilize your wall space and to add a little personality into your space. Shelves can provide storage as well as function to any room. A shelf placed at the right height can serve as a breakfast table, desk, or a bar, eliminating the need for larger furniture. They also help to declutter your space as you can put books or knickknacks on them, freeing up your floor space.   


Declutter your kitchen cabinets

Pots and pans are by far the bulkiest items in a kitchen. By using a pot rack, you will free up your cabinet real estate. There are a few options when it comes to pot racks. A traditional pot rack hangs from the ceiling and is a great space saver if you have a kitchen island to hang it over. If that’s not an option, mount a stained 4x4 on the wall and install hooks to hang your cookware. This could also be used as a shelf for your spices and oils.


Hanging shoe holders aren’t just for shoes

The behind-the-door hanging shoe holder is a great space saver and can be used for multiple storage needs. Hang one in your bathroom for your lotions, makeup, medications, and first aid items. You can also hang one in your bedroom closet for your underwear, socks, and T-shirts, or use it as intended and put your shoes inside.


Replace bulky furniture

It may be time to replace that oversized couch or lounge chair to open up your space. Large furniture fills a room quickly, often making it seem smaller than it actually is. Know the dimensions of your room prior to shopping for replacement furniture and find pieces that are multifunctional or collapsible. Trade out the large rectangle dining table for a smaller round table. Having pieces that are multifunctional lessens the amount of furniture you actually need.



Remove non load-bearing walls

This tip requires a bit more money and time, but removing walls to create an open, multifunctional room will add a lot more square footage to your living area. If you prefer to have a visual divider between spaces, consider curtains or floating shelving in place of the walls. The curtains take up less space and the shelving provides additional storage.



There are a lot of things you can do to maximize the space in your home to make it functional and comfortable. What are some of your space savings tips?

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