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Laundry Room Upgrade for Your St. Louis Home

Feb 9, 2021 | Industry News

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If you have a laundry area or room in your St. Louis home, you may be looking for some options to update and upgrade. While doing the laundry may not be the most glamorous chore, it’s one we spend a fair amount of time on, so having a nice space to work in can be beneficial. Whether it’s a corner of the basement or its own separate room, there are many ways homeowners can give this space a boost. Here are just a few ideas:

Define Its Purpose

Laundry rooms are often multifunctional spaces, and it can be helpful to clarify exactly how you intend to use the area before you get started with your renovations. The most common double function is a storage space. Maybe you store off-season clothes, extra linens, or other household items, for example. Mapping this out in advance can help to ensure that you set up the space to meet all your needs.

Brighten It Up

The laundry room isn’t exactly the most exciting part of the home, so it’s often one we neglect when it comes to design and aesthetics. A quick and cheap way to instantly improve the space is to add some brighter lights. Not only will this help you spot those stains on clothing, but it will also make the space a bit more appealing to work in. If you do your ironing and folding in this space as well and really want to improve the vibe, a fresh coat of paint and a piece of artwork can make it feel like a more intentional area of your home.

Make a System

Is this room just for you, or will your family use it as well? If you have areas for dirty and clean clothes or want to separate lights and darks, for example, get your family on board with the system. Having specific baskets for specific purposes can make it easy for everyone to pitch in a bit with this chore. Even if you’re the one in charge of laundry, making a clear system for yourself can help you to be more efficient in the process.

Organize Storage

Getting and staying organized is key here. If you’re storing extra belongings as I mentioned above, maybe some clear labeled bins could be a good option. Laundry rooms are often where we store those things we just don’t know what to do with. If you’re upgrading the space, it could be a good time to go through what you have in there and determine if there are some things you can get rid of. Decluttering can make the space feel lighter and more orderly.

Go Green

Another great shift homeowners can make in their laundry room is transitioning to more eco-friendly products. Check out your detergents and other products - thinking about both their ingredients and the packaging they come in. Going for more natural options with less chemicals and dyes could be a healthy switch, as well as opting for brands that offer plastic-free packaging.


Do you have a laundry area in your St. Louis home? Is it a space you’ve given much thought to? What would make it function better for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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