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Keeping Your St. Louis Home Clean Throughout the Summer

Jun 15, 2021 | Industry News

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Most homeowners love a clean home, and summer can be one of the more challenging seasons to keep things feeling tidy. Whether it’s kids tracking dirt through the house or the dirty dishes from an evening of entertaining, summer can sometimes feel like a time where we’re generating a bit more mess. While this is just part of the summer fun, here are a few ways to keep in check:

Upgrade Your Entryway

Before someone strolls through the house in dirty sandals or leaves a wet pool towel over the arm of the sofa, your entryway can provide some less-messy alternatives. Ensuring that there is a clear place for shoes can help remind family and visitors alike to remove their shoes. It can also be useful to have a little rug where people can wipe their feet and you can vacuum it regularly. Additional hooks are also helpful in the summertime, giving people a place to hang things right when they walk in. You might even stock your entryway with some clean towels for people to grab on their way outside.

Add More Storage

It’s not just your entryway that might need a boost in the summer. Upping your storage throughout your home can help keep things clean and organized. First, ensuring your winter things, like clothing and heavy ballets, are tucked away in storage can quickly open up some free space in your home. From there, incorporating some solutions for your summer needs can be great. Maybe you keep a bin of pool towels downstairs or perhaps you have a specific drawer for kids’ bathing suits.


Update Your Cleaning Supplies

It seems simple, but a great way to stay on top of cleaning is to make it more enjoyable. Freshen up your cleaning supplies with some summery scents and pick up any other products that could make cleaning more convenient. Maybe you have an extra broom on the porch to keep it clean or perhaps you put a spray bottle and cleaning cloth outside for giving patio tables a quick wipe down. Rather than feeling like you have to give up a beautiful summer day to clean, these quick tidying sessions can keep things cleaner longer.

Think Outside the Box

Outside the house, actually. Increasing your organization outside can help prevent the mess from making its way inside. Perhaps you have a basket to store a few thin blankets for cool nights on the patio, or maybe you organize an area of the garage to better house those summer toys. By expanding your organization outside of your home, you can better prevent clutter from piling up.


Do you find summer to be a more challenging time to keep your home tidy/ How do you stay on top of it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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