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Is Your St. Louis Home Market Ready?

Jun 28, 2020 | Industry News

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Are you thinking of putting your St. Louis home on the market? Whether you’re looking to upgrade, downsize, or need to relocate for employment purposes, you don’t want to list your house in haste, so it’s important that your home is market ready prior to listing it for sale.  Unsure of the parameters for being market ready? Not a problem – here’s a checklist that can act as your guide.


Are the Carpets Clean?

Nothing turns off a potential buyer faster than dingy or stained carpets, so take a good look around and see if yours are up to par. Carpeting can take a beating due to weather, pets, kids, and spills. Carpets, if not cleaned and shampooed on a regular basis, will tend to hold onto odors. If your home has a lot of carpeting, invest in a professional team to do the job or simply rent a steam cleaner and do it yourself. A sweet smelling, clean carpet goes a long way with a first impression.


Does the Home Feel Cluttered?

The goal in an open house or a showing is to present your home in a manner that allows the potential buyer to be able to picture themselves living there. In addition, you want your home to present itself as being spacious and airy, so if you have a lot of clutter or bulky furniture, you’re already off to a bad start. Clear out the personal effects such as family photos, children’s artwork, and personal collections. Rearrange the furnishings to omit any oversized or bulky furniture and to make sure you highlight the focal points and creating a good conversation flow.  Limit the amount of small appliances on the kitchen counters and be sure to organize and clean pantries and closets. The more space the buyer sees, the better.


Do You Need to Makeover Your Windows?

Another key element to winning over a buyer is having a healthy dose of natural light in your home. You want to highlight your windows and glass doors by making sure they’re clean and adjusting the window treatments so that they allow in the sunshine. If you have dark and bulky curtains, you may want to trade them in for a sheer fabric. If you have blinds or shutters, be sure to dust them off and present the home with them open. Many buyers will also test the windows to be sure they’re functional, so if you have some windows that are painted shut, now is the time to make them operational again.


Add a Coat of Paint

We all have our own personal taste when it comes to choosing paint colors but when you’re listing your home, it’s time to put personal taste on the backburner and create a color palette that will appeal to the masses. A fresh coat of paint not only makes the room look bright and fresh, it can also make the space feel clean and airy. Choose colors that are more neutral such as beige, grey, or white to appeal to the majority of those touring your home.



How’s the Curb Appeal?

The outside of your home is a buyer’s first impression, so it’s important to boost your curb appeal to get them in the door. Cut the grass, pull the weeds, trim the bushes, clean the gutters, and remove any unnecessary items such as gardening tools, hoses, toys, or trash cans from street view. Give the front porch a makeover with some potted plants, a new door mat, and some fresh house numbers and you’re ready to go.


Is the Home Truly Clean?

We all have a daily cleaning routine – doing the dishes, sweeping the floors, perhaps some laundry? Is that daily cleaning schedule enough to sell your home? Unfortunately not. Now’s the time for a deep cleaning. Dust everything from baseboards to furniture, and wipe down any fingerprints on your switch plates, appliances, or walls. Clean under the beds, behind your dressers, and on the inside of your cabinets. Scrub the grout, windowsills, and tile floors.  A clean house represents to the buyer that it’s a home that’s been taken care of and maintained, so a bit of elbow grease is sure to pay off.



Everyone hopes for a quick sale when they put their home on the market, and with this checklist, potential buyers will be sure to bite. What do you look for when you’re house hunting?

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