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How to Take Advantage of the Spring Homebuying Season in St. Louis

Mar 23, 2023 | Industry News

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Spring is here, and so is the homebuying season in St. Louis! It's a busy time of year for both real estate agents and buyers, but there are still plenty of advantages to shopping for a home during this time. Let’s look at what makes spring homebuying season so special and how you can make the most of it — whether you’re looking for your first home or your fifth:


More inventory to choose from

Springtime is when many homes hit the market, which means that buyers have more options available to them as they search for their perfect next residence. Homes listed in the spring sometimes sell faster than those listed in other seasons; so, if you’re serious about finding a home, it’s best to start your search early. This also gives you more bargaining power when you enter into negotiations with sellers; since there are more homes available on the market, sellers might be a little more willing to negotiate on price or other factors if they want to close a sale quickly.


More competition from other buyers

That being said, more houses on the market also brings more competition from other buyers who are also looking for their dream home. Nevertheless, this can still work to your advantage if you know how to handle yourself confidently in competitive situations like this. If you approach a seller and you're already prepared with paperwork such as pre-approval documents and proof of funds, then you can get an edge over other buyers who may not be as organized. Being able to show that you’re ready to buy right away will give sellers confidence that they can close with you quickly and move on to the next phase in their own lives.


Better weather conditions = better viewing opportunities

When it comes to house hunting, nobody wants to spend hours driving around and touring properties, only to find out that they don’t like what they see due to poor weather conditions or limited daylight hours. During the springtime, however, days are longer and temperatures tend to be milder. This is wonderful for prospective buyers because they can take their time viewing homes without having to worry about bad weather or insufficient lighting ruining their potential purchase decision. Additionally, spring also brings colorful blooms and brand-new foliage that can help improve curb appeal for any property; so if appearance matters to you when you're choosing a new place to live, then it's definitely worth it to go house shopping in the spring when prospective properties will be in the prime of their potential beauty!

All things considered, spring is definitely one of the best times of year for buying a home in St. Louis; and with some thoughtful preparation and research ahead of your search, you should have no problem finding your dream house at an attractive price point. From increased inventory availability to better bargaining power among sellers to improved weather conditions for house viewings, there really isn’t much else you could ask for when searching for a new place to call home this spring!

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