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How to Maximize Your St. Louis Basement

Apr 20, 2021 | Industry News

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If you have a basement in your St. Louis home, how well are you using it? Many homeowners find this to be one of the most underutilized (and unexciting) parts of their homes, but there are several things homeowners can do to improve the space and make it more appealing. Whether you’re ready to dive into a major basement renovation or simply want to spruce up what you already have, here are some great things to keep in mind:

Finished or Unfinished

What state is your basement in currently? And if it’s unfinished, do you have a plan to renovate it? Many homeowners have unfinished basements, and these seem to be the ones that pose the most challenge. If you’re planning to finish your unfinished basement, you get to design everything and create a new space. It’s easy to make that appealing. But homeowners working with unfinished basements and no plans to renovate don’t need to write off the space entirely. There are many things they can do right now to give this part of their home a boost.

Improve Your Lighting

Lighting is often the number one challenge in a basement. If you’re heading into a dimly lit space, you’re not going to be able to see the potential that’s there. Maybe you only run down to the basement to do a load of laundry and lighting hasn’t been a priority. Spending just a bit of time adding some brighter lighting though can help you expand its function a bit. Maybe it allows you to extend your laundry area and better store out-of-season clothing. Or maybe better lighting illuminates those unused corners that could be repurposed.

Organization & Storage

Basements are great for storage. Coming up with a system that works for you is key. Vertical shelving units are often a perfect choice for basements, and they can help homeowners keep things organized. By giving different shelves different purposes, you can better sort your belongings and find things when you need them.

Keep it Fresh & Clean

If you feel like your basement suffers from a subtle musty odor, you’re not alone. Try spreading out some bowls of baking soda or white vinegar to absorb any odors. If there is a really strong smell, you might consider calling in a professional to check for mold. A new coat of paint on the walls and even a small run can also help the space feel a bit more like a part of your home.

Get Creative

If you have a spacious basement, maybe it’s a place your kids can set up some games after making the above improvements. An indoor spot where a game of catch isn’t endangering any breakable household items, or a place to build a fort that can stay up for weeks on end. With just a little sprucing up, your basement can be a great rainy-day option for your kids.


Do you have a basement in your St. Louis home? What do you use it for? Is it finished or unfinished? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Next week, we’ll share some tips for homeowners interested in renovating and finishing their basements!

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