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How to Manage a Winter Move in St. Louis

Dec 31, 2019 | Industry News

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Trying to coordinate a move during a St. Louis winter can be tricky, as snow, sleet, and ice are not the best combination for driving, let alone moving your worldly possessions. Even so, sometimes it’s necessary and can be done successfully with just a bit of planning and precaution. Here are some tips to guide you through a winter move while keeping your belongings – and toes – intact.


Hire Movers

While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, driving a moving truck through sleet and ice is tricky business and is best left to professionals. The winter months are typically the slow season for moving companies, so you may be able to strike up a deal as well. You can also save money by doing the packing yourself and hiring them solely for transport. Having additional bodies and additional muscle allows you to load and unload much quicker, making your time outside in the elements minimal.


Look at the Forecast

Keep an eye on the weather forecast when determining your moving date. If there’s forecasted precipitation, that could lead to snowfall or ice which will make your move more hazardous.  Consult with your moving company if a storm warning should pop up to make sure everyone is kept safe.


Give Your Pets a Vacation

If you have pets, you know that moving can stress them out so it may be a good idea to arrange for them to stay with a friend or family while the move is underway. In addition to their stress, there’s also doors left open when you’re transporting things to the truck, which is a potential escape route for pets during all the hustle. Best to board them on a pet vacation until all of your items are moved into your new abode.


Keep Paths Clear

The winter months bring with them ice and snow which can be an accident waiting to happen when carrying items that may be heavy or can block your view. Shovel or snow blow the traffic areas and throw down some salt to ensure no ice is forming. 


Protect the Floors

Moving your belongings in the winter months will most certainly lead to tracking in snow and sleet. Large amounts of moisture will not only damage your floors and carpet, they can also make the area quite slippery.  Throw some floor mats and towels on the front porch as well as inside the foyer to absorb much of the moisture. In addition, if you’re worried about carpets getting soiled, buy some tarps or painters plastic and tape them down in the high traffic areas.


Choose the Essentials

It’s understandable to pack your car with fragile items and keepsakes, but keep in mind that there are some other items that cannot handle the cold of the moving truck and will be better off in your car with the heat on. Electronics and houseplants are a good example, as they can’t be exposed to freezing conditions without damage. In addition, you’ll want to pack some clothing, toiletries, blankets, and lightbulbs.



Moving in winter isn’t ideal but sometimes can’t be avoided. It doesn’t have to be a winter nightmare if you’re prepared and have helpful movers by your side. As for the movers, they’ll deserve a tip at the end of the cold, long day as well as some hot coffee. Good luck on your move!

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