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How to Manage Your St. Louis Move

Nov 23, 2021 | Industry News

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Even under the best circumstances, moving can be overwhelming. If we prepare correctly, we can reduce much of the stress and have a more seamless move. Packing up all of your belongings to move them to a new home can be a colossal task, but it’s made a little easier by the excitement of beginning a new chapter in life. Here are some tips for managing your St. Louis move in the best possible way:

Create a Plan

Developing a strategy is an important first step. Create a plan for the move with as much detail as you can add. Blocking off a couple of the weekends before the move may have worked for you in the past, but with some structure in place, you can avoid any frenzied, last-minute packing sessions. Moving almost always takes longer and requires more than we expect it to. With a plan in place, we can better assess all of the requirements in advance. Think about blocking out some windows during the week — an hour here and there — to address specific tasks. It all adds up, and it will make the weeks leading up to the move less stressful while also giving you the satisfaction of making progress toward your goal.

Consider Professional Help

If your budget allows, you should give strong consideration to hiring some professionals to assist with the move. Letting insured pros handle the heavier and delicate stuff can give you protection against any mishaps. Do some research online and ask around for recommendations to find the right company. Investing some time in finding reputable movers is in your best interest and will help make the move considerably less stressful.

Pack With the New Space in Mind

We don’t always think of the second part of the move when packing — the unpacking. Keep the new space in mind when you’re packing. Labeling boxes, properly wrapping items, and keeping the weight of boxes to a manageable level will all make the moving-in portion of the move much easier. This is another reason why having a plan in advance is so important. If you cram the move into a weekend (or two) and get pressed for time, you may just start filling boxes haphazardly to get it done. But with some forethought, the unpacking process can go much more smoothly.

Don’t Move Everything

Here’s something that will also make the unpacking and settling-in more pleasant — don’t bring everything to the new house. There’s no point in packing up the things that you don’t currently use, because you likely won’t use them in the future. Take this opportunity to do some decluttering. If there’s anything that you don’t use or anything you don’t want to keep, donate it, or get rid of it. This is much easier to deal with at the beginning of the move rather than during the unpacking. It will reduce the amount that you need to pack, and more importantly, the amount you have to move. You’re also reducing clutter for the new space.


No matter how many possessions you have, your move doesn’t have to be a particularly stressful endeavor. These tips will help you get a handle on the task at hand and manage your St. Louis move in a smart, orderly, and smooth way.


If you’d like a recommendation for local movers, a sharp Realtor, or you need to get pre-approved for a mortgage, please reach out. I’m always happy to be of assistance.

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