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How to Make Your Des Moines Home Feel a Bit Larger

Oct 19, 2020 | Industry News

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Maybe spending more time inside has you focused on your lack of space, or perhaps you feel like your life has expanded over the years and your home hasn’t kept up. Whatever the case, many Des Moines homeowners love their homes but crave a little more room. The good news is there are some quick strategies these homeowners can use to maximize the space they do have. Let’s take a look:

Brighten it Up

If your space is feeling small, tackling the visuals can be a great place to start. Going for some lighter shades of paint and bringing in as much natural light as possible can help make a room feel more spacious. Mirrors are another great addition to bounce that light around and contribute to the feeling of more openness. Homeowners should also consider their window treatments and artwork and ensure these aren’t making the space feel cramped.

Evaluate Your Furniture

Is your furniture the right size for your home? While not all homeowners are ready to invest in completely new furniture, it’s good to consider the size of your couches and chairs, for example. If your furniture does feel too big but you’re not in a place to replace it right now, you can play with different arrangements to make it work better. Even if your furniture is the right size, thinking about layout is key. Maybe you create a nook in your living room to give the feeling of a separate space, or maybe you simply change the placement of a few pieces. Being open to moving things around can help homeowners find the arrangement that works best for them.

Maximize Storage

Clutter can quickly make a space feel smaller. When everything has its place and belongings are tucked away, an area can instantly feel more spacious. It’s not always easy though. Maybe it feels like storage space is tight. Getting creative here is essential. Maybe it’s an ottoman that is also a storage container or a new shelving unit. Updating your storage systems can be a useful strategy to give you a bit more space.

Identify Underutilized Space

Homeowners should also try to do a big-picture assessment of their homes. Imagine you were looking from above at all the activity in your home over the course of an average week. Where would that activity be focused? Would there be parts of the house that went untouched? Maybe there’s a guest bedroom that could be repurposed, a basement that could be updated, or a dining room that could get a new function. Even if it’s just a small corner of the living room, finding these underutilized spaces and making them work for you can quickly give you some added room.


Do you ever feel like you need more space in your Des Moines home? Is it manageable with some creative strategies, or does it have you ready to look for your next home? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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