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How to Make Your Chicago Kitchen Feel Like New

May 3, 2020 | Industry News

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Your kitchen is the heart of the home, a place full of creativity, laughter, great food and drinks. It’s also truly is a pleasure to cook in there, right? If your answer is a resounding no, then perhaps it’s time to give your Chicago kitchen a makeover, and why would you break the bank and spend a fortune on a remodel when there are easy fixes you can do on your own? Here are a few ideas to make your kitchen feel like new.


Liven Up the Walls

Is your kitchen a bit drab and dreary? An easy way to liven it up is by adding some color to the walls. Choose a color palette that brings a smile to your face, and perhaps you could create a focal wall by bringing in a pattern with wallpaper. Or, even consider chalkboard paint which is a great way to create a focal wall that is fun and functional. Once the paint is dry and the wallpaper has adhered, add in some eclectic collections of art as well. Create a wall of plates or mirrors, add some floating shelves for your cookbooks and serving platters – just have fun with it and get creative.


Redo Your Cabinets

Cabinets can be an eyesore when they’re outdated, but the good news is that it’s quite easy to bring them back to life and give them a fresh new look. There are a few options when deciding on a kitchen cabinet facelift, like painting them, restaining them, or taking off the cabinet doors altogether and create an open shelving decor. Prepping your cabinets is important, so be sure to thoroughly clean the surfaces, remove all hardware, fill in holes with wood putty, and give them a good sanding before reinstalling the doors and hardware. If your hardware is also outdated, splurge on some new knobs and pulls for a finished look.


Add a Backsplash

Adding a backsplash is a great way to make your kitchen feel like new and these days it’s easier than ever. Gone are the days that you’re limited to tile. Peel and stick tiles are a DIY dream, are very easy to install, and look amazing. Other options include stainless steel, tin tiles, cork, shiplap or beadboard, sp decide on the look you’re aiming for and choose the best option for you.


Add Some Color

Adding pops of color to any room can make it feel like new. Paint your existing kitchen stools, add some rugs, fresh flowers on the windowsill, or even a new kettle on the stove. Add some green to your kitchen by having some herbs growing, or having small plants light the windowsill above the sink. Having small pops of bright and cheery color can change the whole feel of the space.



Clear the Clutter

Kitchen storage is a hot commodity and there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find what you need when you’re in the middle of making a meal. It may be time to clear the clutter and organize your kitchen items. If need be, add some more storage such as a pot rack, shelving, or organizational racks in your cabinets. Organize your spices, and organize your pantry by storing like items together with the most used items at your fingertips. Store away items that you don’t use on an everyday basis and save your countertops for items like your coffee maker, frequently used utensils, and your cutting board. Make your kitchen functional for you and your lifestyle.



Small and inexpensive DIY projects can give your kitchen a whole new look and feel, and it will make it feel like the heart of the home again. Happy cooking!

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