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How to Make Sure Your St. Louis Listing Stands Out from the Competition

May 20, 2022 | Industry News

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A high percentage of buyers begin their search for a new home online these days. You obviously want your St. Louis home to sell as quickly as possible, so it’s going to have to stand out from all of that online competition if you want to see the best results. If you’re using an experienced, local Realtor, they can be of great benefit in this area. If you’re not using a real estate agent (or even if you are) you should be aware of some of the things that you can do to catch the attention of potential buyers. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

Listing Photos

The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ definitely applies here if you want your listing to stand out to the right buyers. Listing photos are a necessity to give viewers a sense of the property for sale, but taking high-quality photos will really make your listing shine. If it’s in the budget, you can hire a professional photographer to ensure the images. If you’re doing it alone, you’re going to want to use better equipment than your smartphone. Consider buying or borrowing a good camera. You’ll want pictures of the exterior at different times of the day, and you’ll want well-lit interior photos that realistically capture each room. Something those professional photographers know that you may not, is that the ‘golden hour’, right before dusk is often best for exterior photography.



Staging the interior of your home before taking pictures or hosting an open house is a must. You’ll want each room to appear as simple and as organized as possible. You want buyers to feel comfortable in the space, and rooms that feel empty (and rooms that feel too busy) won’t have the desired effect. If you want to best highlight the potential of each room, hiring a professional stager is your best bet. If that’s not in the budget, or if you just want to go it alone, appoint the rooms with a simple, attractive display of furniture. The idea is to make it as easy as possible Filling the rooms with a simple, attractive display of furniture and decor will help buyers be able to better imagine themselves living there.


Make Sure Your Listing Information is Thorough

After the visual aspect of your listing, you’re going to want to give some thought to the words and information that accompany your listing. If you’re not confident in your writing skills, you can either a) ask someone else to write the description, or b) read other listings and take note of the language and tone that stands out to you. In the description, you’ll want to cover the basics: square footage, number of rooms, type of construction, amenities. Be as detailed as possible — the whole idea is to get viewers to want to learn more and come to see the house in person. List any high-end appliances, flooring, countertops, and any other special features that can help your listing stand out.


After you’ve compiled the basic information, highlight any other features that make your home unique. Molding, built-ins, or arched doorways often appeal to buyers. Also note any upgrades that you’ve made to the home. Don’t forget to include an accurate accurately description of the outdoor area surrounding the home.


Include Neighborhood and School District Information

Potential buyers will want to know more than just the property details. If they don’t know the area (or don’t know it very well), they will almost certainly want to know more about the neighborhood your home is situated in. Provide information on local restaurants and cafes, parks, stores, etc., as well as ease of access to highways and public transportation and level of safety in the immediate area. To some buyers, the neighborhood is as (or more) important than the house itself.


You should also include information about the school district in which the property is located. Many home buyers pay close attention to those details if they have, or plan to have, a family with children. Make a point to include any awards or positive ratings the district may have.



With so many listings online, you can’t afford to have yours glossed over by prospective buyers. These tips will help you to make a truly stand-out listing — and hopefully a faster sale.

If you’d like a recommendation for an experienced, local Realtor, or if you need to get preapproved for a mortgage, please reach out to us. We’re always happy to help.

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