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How to Maintain Curb Appeal Throughout a St. Louis Winter

Dec 1, 2019 | Industry News

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Whether you’re selling your home or simply want to spruce it up for the holidays, maintaining curb appeal during the winter months in St. Louis can be a challenge. With snowfall, grey skies, and shorter days, the key is to brighten up an otherwise dull exterior. Here are some quick and easy tips to do just that.


Clear the Sidewalks and Driveways

Clearing the sidewalks and driveway of ice, snow, and debris provides a safe and clean path to your home while also making it more attractive to the eye. You may want to repair any existing cracks in the pavement and add a sealant to keep water from soaking in. Remove any hoses, toys, or tools from the yard as well.


Create a Glow

Warm up your winter home with the glow of additional lighting. String lights don’t have to be solely for the holidays – use them all winter long to light up your trees or to accentuate architectural elements such as arbors or sitting areas. Lanterns also cast off a nice glow whether you use traditional candles or battery operated ones. Luminarias are another lighting idea that create a welcoming feel. By adding some extra glow, you’re not only increasing the security of your home, but you’re also making it look cozy and inviting.


Add Some Color

Sprucing up your front door by adding a pop of color with a new coat of paint can really make a home stand out. Be bold in your choice of color but also make sure it complements the color palette of the home. In addition to sprucing up your front door, you can also paint the mailbox, add some new porch numbers, and switch out your porch mat.


Add Greenery

While the winter weather limits the types of greenery you can add to the exterior of your home, the addition of potted plants lining your walkway and adorning your porch will most certainly increase your curb appeal. The key is adding greenery that can withstand the winter months. Look for evergreens, ivies, or holly with berries to add some color. Find decorative pots or baskets to plant them in and arrange them together to add some depth. For a festive and charming look, add some garland to your windows and handrails and place a wreath on the front door.


Keep Up on Maintenance

Winter weather isn’t the most motivating, however, it’s important to keep up on your outdoor maintenance. Take a good look at the trees in your yard and determine if any branches are in need of trimming. Make sure to trim anything that may cause damage in a storm or may be too weak to handle the weight of the snow. Keep your gutters clean and free of debris to ensure that all water is draining correctly, and keep an eye out for any rotting wood on your window sills or front porch and replace if necessary.


Just because the snowy and grey days have arrived doesn’t mean your home needs to look gloomy. These quick and easy tips to spruce it up will make it festive and cheerful for the winter season. What are your favorite winter weather decorations?

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