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How to Keep Your Chicago Home Feeling Bright Throughout the Winter

Feb 2, 2021 | Industry News

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There’s no doubt that the short days and lack of sunlight can make any homeowner feel like their home is a bit dark. And even though we’re now on the upswing towards longer, brighter days, we still have a couple of months of winter to make it through. This doesn’t mean you need to accept a gloomy space though. If your home is in need of a bit more brightness this season, here are a few tips to defeat the dull:

Freshen Up Your Entry

How do you feel when you first see your home from your driveway? Is it bright and inviting? The entrance to your home is a great place to start when you want to give your home a burst of brightness. A wreath on the door can add some color and character, and keeping the area clean can prevent the snow and rain from masking the true colors. From there, when you first enter, how does your entryway feel? Is it full of winter boots and dark coats? Bringing a bit more organization to this area, especially in lighter shades, like white shelving, for example, can instantly brighten things up.

Grab Some Outdoor Lights

One other thing homeowners can do to spruce up their entry is to ensure it’s well lit. Lights to line the path to your front door and porch lights can keep things safe and combat the early nights. While you may have already taken your holiday lights down, keeping some simple white lights in your trees is another great way to make your home look a bit brighter.

Add Some House Plants

If you’re looking for a quick and easy change, plants might be just what you need. Pick up a variety of houseplants and spread them out throughout your home. The vibrant greens can add some life to darker spaces, making them feel more vibrant. Choose lighter color pots that will also add to the feeling of brightness.

Combine Whites and Texture

White is the way to go if you want to make a room feel brighter, but many homeowners worry that adding a lot of bright white might make their space lose some of its charming warmth. For winter brightness, pair white with texture. A lightly patterned rug, a beautiful blanket, and even textile wall hangings are all great options to bring some white into your space while still maintaining the cozy vibe.

How are you keeping your home bright this winter? Are there any go-to tips and tricks you have? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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